How to Increase Leg Drive to Improve Bench Press Performance

how to increase leg driveWe often hear about leg drive and it’s importance in regard to optimizing Bench Press performance.

Unfortunately, though, most trainees don’t know what leg drive is or how to use it effectively.

As such, in this weeks’ Exercise Video of the Week I discuss the basics of leg drive including where to place your feet and how to use it appropriately to improve your Bench.

How to Increase Leg Drive: Key Points

  1. Keep your feet behind your knees and closer towards your head.
  2. Drive your feet into the ground as hard as you possibly can throughout the entire lift!
  3. Create as much pressure as possible between your upper back and the bench throughout the entire lift!

How to Increase Leg Drive to Improve Your Bench Press

I hope you enjoy the video and that it’s helped you understand how to increase leg drive as quickly and easily as possible.

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  • Shawn Miller

    Great stuff Jordo! No one is teaching this. Leg drive is so important!!! This just reminded me to re-address this with my kids. Remember when I had to beg you to bench?! Love it!

    • Thanks, Shawn! Haha yea man; miss those days in the L-S gym

  • CNG

    Jordan, you are the best instructor on the web! I can say that because I have watched hundreds of videos trying to figure out how to powerlift without an instructor at the gym. All of your videos make alot more sense than other videos on the web especially for guys/gals who are just starting to follow powerlifting. Thanks, CNG

    • Thank you, CNG! That means a lot to me and I’m glad I’ve been able to help.

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  • phil a buster

    my feet are sad as hell like my bench press… should a reg dude set up?????50 yr old