BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Opening a Brand New Gym in Boston!


My friend and colleague, Steve Bergeron, and I are opening a brand new training facility called AMP Fitness right in the heart of Boston!

Steve’s been working night and day (seriously, not kidding) for the better part of the last year to get AMP up and running and to make sure it’s unquestionably the single-best facility in Boston. 

An expert strength coach specializing in movement, posture, and performance, Steve is one of the most kind, generous, intelligent, and hard working individuals I’ve ever met. 



Having known Steve since I was 19, he recently asked if I’d like to join him at AMP as a full-time strength coach and nutrition consultant. 

Seeing as he’s a truly extraordinary coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience (not to mention he’s just a freakin’ awesome dude) I immediately accepted the position and couldn’t possibly be more excited.

What’s AMP Going to be Like?

Both Steve and I are  extremely serious individuals and under absolutely zero circumstances will we allow any fun in our facility.

AMP Jordan and Steve 2See those mean mugs?

Make no mistake, we’re two of the meanest coaches around and plan to make AMP the single-most hardcore gym in the city.

Think I’m joking?

Here’s an even more threatening picture of us on AMP’s brand new turf field.

AMP Jordan and Steve 3See what I mean?

No fun and games at AMP Fitness – strictly yelling and brute force will be used to motivate our clientele. 

O.K., So Maybe I’m Joking…

Truth be told, Steve and I are looking to create not only the best gym in Boston, we’re also trying to cultivate a welcoming community that exists on fun, laughter, and a hell of a great time.

Every time you step foot into AMP we want you to feel more comfortable than you do in your own home.

We want you to look forward to coming in, working hard, meeting new people, and improving yourself each and every day.

Most importantly, we want you to feel like AMP is the place you can truly be yourself. 

And laugh.

A lot.

Like…a lot, a lot.

And if you aren’t in the mood to laugh..we’ll just choke you out.

AMP Jordan and Steve 1Kidding.

But seriously, AMP Fitness is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. There isn’t a single a gym in the world doing what we plan to do and, I promise, our commitment to your success, happiness, and health is second to no one. 

Want to See the Facility?!

Of course you do!

Come on in and say “whatsup!?” to Steve and I at 30 Court Square in Government Center. 

We couldn’t possibly be more excited to meet you and can’t wait to show you why we’re going to be the best gym in Boston.

Oh, and we figured we should probably take at least one semi-professional picture of the two of us together.

AMP Jordan and SteveSee you soon!


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  • Sri

    Congrats Coach!

  • Luzmin Fernandez

    Congratulations to you and Steve! Looking forward to seeing you there. Can’t wait for the laughs.

    • Thanks so much, Luzmin! See you tomorrow 🙂

  • Shamus Kory Macdonald

    This made my week, Jordan! A huge congrats to you and Steve, I wish you guys the absolute best!

    I think I know where my next road trip destination is!

    • Thanks, Shamus! Let me know when you’re in town – we’ll grab a training session and PWO meal for sure 🙂

  • Emily


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