Want to Learn How to Lose Fat and Build Muscle?

Then take this free gift. Seriously, take it. HURRY.

    Want to Learn How to Lose Fat and Build Muscle?

    Then take this free gift. Seriously, take it. HURRY.


      Do you struggle with any of the following

      • Trouble losing weight
      • Binge eating
      • Body Dissatisfaction
      • Inconsistent with nutrition
      • Inconsistent with working out
      • Bad relationship with food and dieting
      • Bad relationship with fitness
      • Stress, anxiety and sometimes breathing
      • A belly full of butter beer
      • Muggles gettin’ you down

      Have you tried everything out there but nothing seems to work?

      Well, DON’T YOU DARE think about giving up.

      I’m Jordan

      I’m Jordan

      And I believe in you 100%.

      I’ll never sugar coat, lie, or beat around the bush. I’ll tell you everything exactly as I see it. Some stuff you might like. Others you might not. And that’s o.k. with me.

      My goal is to help you in whatever capacity you need. If that means I help you directly, great. If that means I direct you to someone more qualified than myself, that’s great, too.

      Either way, we’re gonna drink a lot of coffee together —borderline dangerous amounts.

      So pour yourself a mug and I’ll share a few fun facts about me.

      • I hold several powerlifting world records
      • I have been featured in a variety of outlets including CNN, Huffington Post, Men’s Health & Fitness, and more.
      • I’m Gary Vaynurchuk’s personal strength & nutrition coach
      • I’m a 27th degree black belt in chugging coffee

      To your success, I'm excited to get to know you better.

      - J

      P.S. If you don’t get my Harry Potter references, then there is Siriusly something Ron with you.


      • Copious amounts of confidence (and coffee)
      • An indestructible mindset and belief in yourself
      • Ongoing motivation, accountability, support and guidance
      • Actually understanding health and fitness and how to make it all work for you
      • Rapid fat loss and strength gain
      • A strong impulse to check yourself out in every mirror you walk by (and wait, did you just whistle at yourself? Yea that’ll probably happen too)

      Jeez, it’s about damn time.


      Jordan's been my personal strength and nutrition coach for the past 3 years and he's completely changed my life. And he could change yours, too.

      - Gary Vaynerchuk


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      “I came to Jordan ten weeks out and injured prior to my first meet. Anyone in their right mind would have turned me away, but Jordan is a class act and he started on my evaluation that week. In the nine weeks that we worked together, his program transformed my strength and physique like I never imagined possible. I hit all my meet goals at 7 weeks out, and along the way somehow gained nearly 10 pounds without changing my clothing size. His support throughout the process was unmatched and he was even texting me the day of my meet while he was at his college graduation. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change was to hire Jordan sooner. I learned a tremendous amount as a lifter and will carry this forward as I set new goals.”

      “I called for help. Jordan answered. I contacted him through his online coaching program to help me break through a year-long fat loss plateau. Having no movement in my weight for a year and recently hitting a milestone birthday, I was convinced that my fate was sealed and I was destined to be that size for the rest of my life. Jordan said that was hogwash and set me on a training and nutrition plan to show me the way.

      I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I received my nutrition plan and the first four weeks of programming, I knew this was going to be fun! Jordan readily answered all my questions and off we went on our journey.

      About 10 days in, my weight hadn’t budged. Without a word from me, Jordan sent a new nutrition plan and almost immediately things started moving and haven’t stopped since! All along the way, Jordan has tweaked and finessed my program as he felt necessary. He has also provided endless words of support and encouragement which helped immensely to keep me motivated. I look forward to our brief chat every day and the best part of the month is when my new four-week program arrives!

      Jordan has helped me tremendously with my technique. Whether polishing off my deadlift, or making major corrections in other areas (ahem, push-ups), I just sent a video to Jordan. He’d return a critique including what I was doing well and pointers on how to improve – or even tell me everything looked fine. He’d also request a follow-up video to ensure I’d successfully applied his tips.

      In our time working together, I’ve learned how I can eat fruit and bread and still make progress. I’ve learned how I can indulge, celebrate and even imbibe at family functions and on vacation and still make progress. I’ve learned how to warm-up properly and how important doing things properly is!

      I was 15 the last time I weighed what I weigh now. Jordan didn’t help me break through that plateau, he helped me to SMASH through it. I’m the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m almost where I want to be and look forward to having Jordan teach me about maintenance and planning my new goals! If you’re considering working with Jordan, don’t hesitate! He’s a wizard!“

      “Let’s get one thing out of the way first, Jordan is absolutely amazing. And I mean like the total package: Knowledgeable, friendly, to the point, polite, motivational, reliable and the list goes on.

      Working with him and going through his program has been an absolute delight. The programming was awesome in so many ways that I would let my Personal Records have to speak for them. I have reached an “iron” age where results don’t come easy anymore yet I broke through all plateaus and can honestly say that I am the strongest I have been in my 20 years under the bar.
      His coaching style is of a good friend with plenty of motivational words along the way. He has an eye for detail and his pointers about technique are phenomenal. There is no limit to what he will do to better you and keep you on track.
      Even though this was “online coaching” I had never the feeling that there was much distance between us. He is so fast and thorough in answering emails, hitting you back on Facebook or generally inquiring about how you are feeling that I felt immediately at home and have to say that I feel like I made a friend along the way.

      It was an awesome experience and can wholeheartedly say that you can’t go wrong with Jordan when it comes to training, nutrition and general health.

      Thank you so much Coach.”

      “I want you to know how much this experience has meant to me. I turn 40 at the end of the month and I started this year with the feeling that I wanted to be “40 and fabulous” which meant that I was going to “clean up my diet” and try to get in fitness-competition shape once in my life. But there is always room for disappointment with that and I fucking hate dieting. Doing this program gave me that thrill of working out and working towards something without the pressure of “losing those last few pounds” or getting rid of that fat here or adding muscle there. I know that I put pressure on myself anyway but it was a needed break from THAT kind of stress. I will be 40 and fabulous and its not because I lost 3 or 5 or 7 pounds (which I totally didn’t haha) but because I accomplished something concrete and measurable that was not about my bullshit body fat percentage.”

      “As a Strength Coach myself, I have specific criteria and a high standard when picking a coach to entrust my training, body and results to. They need to well educated, spend time grinding under a bar, be an outstanding coach getting the most out of their clients and most importantly, they need to constantly strive to improve their skill-set. Jordan is all of these things – educated and certified, a record-holding powerlifter himself, he gets excellent results with his clients and is pushing himself to be the best he can be on a daily basis. My progress with him speaks for itself: 30lbs on my squat, 40lbs on my bench and 40lbs on my deadlift for 110lbs on my total in 12 weeks of training, and I hit 2 lifetime PRs. On top of that, Jordan kept me motivated to excel, I walked into the gym excited to train and I truly enjoyed the process. Jordan is an exceptional coach and I can’t recommend him enough.“

      “Working with Jordan not only increased my performance but it made me unlock my true potential. His programming was individualized to my weak points. Even though it was tough sometimes, I put my trust in him and now I have no regrets. Not only did he optimize my form but while working with him I saw an amazing increase in strength. He guided me through my first powerlifting meet (in which I got first in my weight class) and even though he was miles away, he was always available when I needed his help. All the way from training, weigh ins to choosing my numbers correctly and what to do on the day of the meet, having Jordan definitely gave me an advantage. Besides my increase in strength the biggest thing I got from working with Jordan was knowledge. He taught me to concentrate on what really matters and not to over-think things, which I always tend to do. I learned so much from him and I can’t wait to work with him again preparing for the next meet.”

      “I have recently struggled with nutrition and strength programming so I applied to Jordan’s online Group Nutrition Coaching Program and it has been the best decision of my post-grad life so far.

      Jordan is very thorough when it comes to creating nutrition guidelines for his clients. He’s not just going to throw you a grocery list and call it a day. He includes EVERYTHING: individualized calorie/protein requirements, sample interval workouts, body composition tracking, customized YouTube videos and personal back massages. I’m just kidding about the back massages, but he would probably refer you to someone who would. His amount of support was endless and his knowledge of health and nutrition was obvious.
      After the nutrition program sadly came to an end, I wanted to continue my progress with Jordan’s strength training program. After sending him videos of my lifting techniques, Jordan quickly replied with major pointers on how to improve my chest press and back squat. Not only did I double my squatting weight, but I AM SO CLOSE TO AN UNASSISTED CHIN-UP. Jordan makes the strength-training program encouraging and motivating for his clients. I look forward to our daily e-mail exchanges where we both scream electronically in excitement over strength progression.

      While working with Jordan, I have learned to not beat myself up after eating a bag of pretzels and just continue my weight loss journey the next day. I’ve learned how important it is to take 10 minutes before a workout to stretch and warm-up so that I can deadlift more weight. Jordan has a way of making his clients feel like superheroes and take on life with confidence through his coaching style.

      The last time I looked in the mirror and was happy with what I saw was about a year ago. I’m the strongest (mentally and physically) I’ve ever been in my life, and I have Jordan to thank for that. Physically, I am almost where I want to be, and I am lucky enough to have Jordan not only as my coach, but as a friend to help me get there. If you want to become stronger than the person lifting next to you and lose those last 10 lbs, don’t waste any more time! Jordan is your guy.”

      “I’ve been picking things up and putting them down since I was 14 (1996), like most newbies I did chest and arms with determination squats and deadlifts were not something in my vocabulary. I met Jordan about 3 years ago while training at Cressey Performance, we kept in touch mostly me sending harassing emails asking for advice. When his first Get Strong Challenge came around the timing wasn’t right for me but when this one came up I jumped on the chance to see what this youngin that got to play at Westside had to offer. I have to say I’m am throughly pleased with the program he came up with and my results. My squat and deadlift went way up, my bench is still the slowest to improve but learning some tricks that moved up also. I had never done speed work before and I believe that combined with the extra volume at a higher percentage is what made the big difference in this training. I enjoyed the challenge of the heavier weights for multiple sets and intentionally overtraining then using the deload at the end to heal up and come back strong. This program was fantastic and just what I needed. Not only did I learn many things to incorporate in my own training but I learned new ways to help my clients get faster and stronger. Thank you Jordan and everyone else in the challenge for the support over the 12 weeks. I had a great time and hope everyone else did as well.”

      I was very fortunate to find Jordan’s fitness page a few months ago and I was instantly hooked into reading all his articles. I found everything he said just made a lot of sense and when i noticed Jordan offered online help it was a no brainer – I needed this guy’s help!
      My weight lifting goals have shifted towards Power Lifting and with Jordan’s passion and expertise in this field (as well as everything else!) I knew this was the guy that was going to get me very strong. I am not ashamed to admit that I am also a personal trainer and sometimes it’s really nice to have someone take the guess work out for you.

      I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jordan for his constant help and communication with me. He is always emailing me asking how I’m getting on and it honestly speaks volumes about the man – His passion and expertise is clear as day and I cannot thank him enough. With his help I have also managed to hit some new personal bests in just 12 weeks and look forward to many more with him by my side.

      Oh and with this gentleman’s help I managed to rape the 110 pound dumbbells the other day – Boom!
      10/10 service!!!!!

      “First and foremost, this is a shameless promotion: J is a catch.

      In my experience many women do not believe that they can move substantial weight and few desire to try. I was certainly of the same mindset. Men, on the other hand, seem to accept that lifting does the body good but few believe women are capable of lifting heavy and comparably. Luckily my competitive nature and rebellion against the word “can’t” led to my love affair of lifting weights. And luckily this led me to Jordan.

      J operates on a different playing field. From the beginning he celebrated my strength and was more confident in my abilities to become insanely strong than I was. I originally reached out to him, skeptical, but wanting to push my limits and learn more about what a well-designed strength program looks like. He listened to my strength and performance goals, catered to my needs, and helped me to remain focused on my current goals.

      During my twelve-weeks with Jordan I refreshed my mailbox over and again in eager anticipation of different phases, laughed out loud at his witty text more times than I can count, and made a fantastic friend in the process. Oh, and I got strong(er). Through trusting the process and making the adjustments Jordan recommended (even those I didn’t 100% agree with at the time) I made some impressive improvements to technique, form, and strength.
      Thanks, J.“

      “Ahhhhh the reasons I love Jordan. He is one of the few people aside from my family that I can be 100% my crazy self around. We met when I was 24 and he was just 16, when he was interning at our new kettlebell studio. It ‘s safe to say we have just as much fun now as we did then.

      7 years have passed since then and we both have had our fair share of fitness and nutrition experiences. Having been in the fitness world for 10 years I found myself BURNT OUT. I had spent the better part of the decade grinding at work; I competed in figure competitions and started my own business. My motivation to get in the gym for myself just wasn’t where it used to be. I had done distance coaching with Nick Tumminello as well as Greg Robins in the past and LOVED it. I just had this feeling I needed some quality face time with a coach I trusted.

      Bottom line is this, I TRUST JORDAN. You HAVE to trust your coach. YOU HAVE TO.

      Lucky for me the opportunity presented itself. In February of 2014, I hired Jordan to help make lifting FUN again. I went into our first meeting stating I wanted to be in and out of the gym in 1 hr (warm-up included) + I wanted to focus on becoming more athletic. After that we began training in my garage.

      Jordan trusted in my solid awareness around nutrition (aside from my excessive plantain consumption) and on we went with my thrice weekly strength sessions. I continued to practice yoga 1-2 times a week because I LOVE IT, and I continued to walk/hike daily. It was ONLY the strength training with Jordan that changed.

      I am all about the “LESS IS MORE” mentality but Jordan took this to another level. I learned to rest harder and lift heavier than I ever had before. He challenged my own ideas of what I am capable of.
      Examples of strength gains.
      In August I was benching 95*10
      In December I was benching 110 *10

      Set a goal to back squat 200lbs. At the end of 2013 I was stuck at 175. Jordan took my stance way in and I started back at 135 BAHHAHAHAHA. Needless to say I reached my goal of 200 and could perform multiple reps.

      Unlike the majority of people out there deadlifting is not my favorite lift. Jordan taught me how to sumo deadlift for the first time in my life. Finally it clicked and the lift made so much sense to me! We eventually made it to #225 sumo style deadlift.

      In the past 11 months with Jordan lifting became fun again, I got strong as fuck, and despite thinking my ass was good before, WOW training with Jordan built me a GADONK… move over Kim K.”

      “The Get Strong Challenge was one of the best training experiences I’ve ever had. In addition to Jordan’s expert programming and technique feedback (which is excellent), you also get a fantastic support group that has a great team feel. No matter what sticking point, injury, or technique trouble you are having, you can bet that someone else in the group has had a similar experience and will be happy to give you advice on how to improve. As for the gains, they were ridiculous across the board. I added almost 200lbs to my total in the 12 week program, and was psyched to see how much everyone else improved as well. What was more impressive was the consistency in improvement across different skill levels; there were several people in the group already lifting heavy-ass weight, and they STILL managed to tack on impressive gains to each of their lifts. The Get Strong Challenge is a great way to get huge gains, meet some awesome people, and have a lot of fun along the way.”

      “This competition was awesome. I learned SO MUCH about lifting in this short 12 week period. Definitely learned how to take the step from a decent intermediate lifter to someone who could handle the weights I thought were reserved for the big guys. The best part was getting to understand this style of training. I have complete confidence I can repeat and modify as needed in the future! Absolutely great experience and everyone in the group KILLED IT. Loved it. Thanks Jordan!“

      “Working with Jordan over the past 12 weeks has done more from my training than the previous 20+ years. Working hard in the gym made me strong, but working with Jordan forced me to not only accept my weaknesses, but also to strengthen those weaknesses. This allowed me to make CRAZY gains in the gym. If you are truly interested in getting stronger in the gym and as a person, you need to get with Syatt Fitness.“

      “I have never had so much confidence in myself, I just feel amazing. Once again I want to thank you for this program and for your knowledge and your passion for fitness and lifting- without it and my love for this program and my drive- I wouldn’t feel as great about myself as I do today. I am in the best shape of my life and it’s only getting better. Thanks again Jordan for helping me become this awesome, confident girl! (Not to mention it’s pretty hard not to have confidence when you can dead lift 200lbs ;))“

      “Before meeting Jordan, I was your typical eat less/ more cardio kind of person who never picked up a single heavy weight. I hurt my back from Crossfitting severely and I have completely herniated my L3, L4 and L5 discs. As you can believe, this causes many pain issues when lifting. I’ve worked with with Jordan for about 6 months now. We had a one on one personal training session and he was able to identify multiple reasons why my back pain was hurting my overall strength and physique goals. Working with Jordan has been a absolute pleasure, he is quick to responsive and always has SMART advice for lifting. He has the ability to identify weaknesses and take action immediately. He does not like to sugar coat things, he keeps things to the point and makes sure you are hitting your goals consistently. With the knowledge he has in regards to Westside barbell and being Cressey certified; I am 100% positive that Jordan can help anyone reach there goals.”

      “December 2, 2008 I tore my right labrum, and with excessive laxticity in my shoulders (hitting 195 degrees of external rotation) I decided against surgery since recovery would have been a long time and most likely would tear again. Prior to that tear my best barbell bench press was only 180. Hitting 200 was huge, not only a PR on a barbell pressing movement, but first time I have been able to lift anywhere near that heavy with pressing without pain in my shoulder! “

      “I really need to give you a big thanks for running the program. It was really fun, very informative for me (I learned a lot!), and I was able to see solid gains.“


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