Exercise Video of the Week: The Best Ab Wheel Instructional Video On the Internet

Ab wheel exercise

 You know I love planks, right?

Well, planks are great but the ab wheel is like the plank on steroids. 

A lot of steroids.

While both movements are similar in nature (they both function as anti-extension based core strengthening drills), the ab wheel is far more advanced as it:

  • Utilizes a larger range of motion (ROM)
  • Utilizes a significantly longer lever arm
  • Requires significantly more full-body strength and coordination
  • And more

In addition, the technique for the ab wheel is much more involved than the plank which, unfortunately, tends to result in a mindblowingly awful performance of the movement.

mind blownTo help you better understand the ab wheel – and use it to build an offensively strong slab of abdominals – I took the liberty of filming the best ab wheel instructional video on the internet.

Bold claim, I know.

In the short video below I explain not only how to perform the ab wheel in the safest and most effective manner, I also outline the most common technique issues and exactly how you can avoid them.  

How to Use the Ab Wheel

Technique Points

1. Move the body as one whole unit: Don’t let the hips hinge or move separately from the torso. Keep the body in one straight line the entire time. 

2. Maintain a neutral spine: Don’t allow your lower back to cave inward (slip into lumbar hyperextension). Brace your abs and make sure your lower back is completely flat.

3. Pack your shoulders: Don’t allow your shoulders to shrug up towards your ears. Try to put your shoulders in your back pockets to keep them in a safer position while using your lats to improve stability and overall strength. 

Programming Considerations

Frequency: 2-4x/week

Intensity: On a scale of 1-10, difficulty should fluctuate between 5-9 on a regular basis. Never go to failure.

Sets & Reps: 2-4 sets of 8-20 repetitions per training session

Workout Placement: Near the tail end of your training session after your main strength movements. Do Not tire yourself out using the ab wheel at the beginning of your workout.

Did This Help?

If the instructional video and information helped you better understand the ab wheel and how to use it, don’t forget to share it with your lifting buddies so they understand it, too.

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