The Kettlebell Halo: Everything You NEED to Know

kettlebell haloI’m the kind of guy who appreciates efficiency.

Why take 3 steps when you could get there in 1?

Some might call this lazy…I call it smart time management. 

What am I Getting At?,

When it comes to exercise selection I tend to choose the drills that give you the most bang for your buck. Rather than perform 3 separate drills for 3 separate reasons, I prefer 1 drill that simultaneously improves numerous athletic qualities. 

Enter: The Kettlebell Halo

An extraordinarily simple drill, the Kettlebell Halo simultaneously improves shoulder mobility, thoracic mobility, and core stability.

Not bad, huh?

It’s also shockingly easy to perform as the technique requirements are minimal which makes it a great drill for pretty much everyone.

The Kettlebell Halo

Don’t have a kettlebell?

No problem.

The Band Halo is a fantastic variation and, in some ways, even better than the Kettlebell Halo.

The Band Halo

Kettlebell Halo Programming Recommendations

Frequency: Both halo variations can be performed numerous times per week. Personally, I tend to use a single variation 1-2x/week prior to my upper body training sessions.

Sets & Reps: 1-3 sets of 8-12 rotations is sufficient

Load: There’s no reason to use heavy weight for this exercise. Stick to light weight and focus on moving effectively through the shoulders and thoracic spine. 

Timing: Utilize these exercises during a well designed warm-up prior to strength training.

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