Rapid Fat Loss: It Actually Works Pretty Damn Well

by Jordan Syatt April 4, 2016

Rapid Fat Loss

They get a bad reputation — especially among some of the fitness goo roos — but rapid fat loss protocols actually work pretty damn well.

Are they for everyone?


Should they be done for long periods of time?

Absolutely not.

Are they comfortable or fun?

Lol, no.


Used carefully and sparingly, rapid fat loss protocols work very well, especially for people who thrive on short bursts of strict dieting to see faster results with minimal time investment.

But What About Muscle Loss?

Studies have shown rapid fat loss protocols lead to greater loss of lean muscle mass compared to slower, more sustainable approaches.

So shouldn’t we stay away from rapid fat loss protocols if we know we’re going to lose more muscle?


Because we DON’T know we’re going to lose more muscle. The “proof” that rapid fat loss protocols cause more muscle loss comes solely from the specific methods in which the researchers structured their protocols.

And, as I discuss in the video below, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

A lot more.

And after several years of experimenting with various rapid fat loss protocols on myself and

my online coaching clients

I can confidently say there are many ways to structure rapid fat loss so you maintain your muscle mass and maintain (or even gain) strength while losing fat and increasing motivation.

I don’t have any published research to support me. And, for that reason, some will immediately discount what I say. And I’m fine with that. Because, plain and simple, rapid fat loss protocols work and they work very well. Whether or not you decide to give it a shot and see for yourself is far beyond the scope of this article.

So take it or leave it. I’m not here to convince anyone to change their mind. I’m just here to share my perspective, give you my thoughts, and hopefully help some people along the way.

Rapid Fat Loss

It Actually Works Pretty Damn Well

Want to Learn How I Design Successful Rapid Fat Loss

Protocols for My Clients?

Over the next month I’ll be sharing some of my most successful strategies for implementing rapid fat loss protocols within my private coaching clients’ programs.

They aren’t ‘hidden secrets’ or ‘magical sorcery.’ They’re just basic, simple, and effective tactics to use rapid fat loss safely and efficiently while continuing to gain strength and improve your body composition.

If you don’t want to see them, no worries. We can still be friends if you want.

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    They get a bad reputation -- especially among some of the fitness goo roos -- but rapid fat loss protocols actually…

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