Syatt Fitness: The Best Articles of 2013


As 2013 is rapidly coming to a close, this post will be dedicated to the best content of the year based on traffic volume and reader feedback.

Before I get to the articles, though, I want to thank you for your help, encouragement, and support. 2013 has been another extraordinary year for SF, seeing truly remarkable growth.

I promise, 2014 will be laden with even more articles, videos, products, and information geared specifically towards your specific needs and goals.

Thank you and here’s to a wonderful new year.


Syatt Fitness: The Best Articles of 2013


1. The Best Article of 2013 – How to Improve Mobility For a Stronger Squat

hip mobility - squat

2. The Best Seminar – The Beginners Guide to Strength Training: A FREE 45-Minute Seminar

3. The Best Personal Article [About Me!] – What If I Told You I Was a “Sped?”

4. The Best Squat Article – Initiating the Squat: Making the Distinction Between Hip Flexion and Lumbar Hyper-extension

5. The Best Lip Sync – Jordan Syatt Lip Syncs “I Will Survive” By Gloria Gaynor

6. The Best Bench Press Article – 6 Little-Known Tips to Improve Your Bench Press

7. The Best Deadlift Article – How to Deadlift After Back Injury

My 3.7x bodyweight Raw Deadlift. 485lbs at a BW of 132lbs.

My 3.7x bodyweight Raw Deadlift. 485lbs at a BW of 132lbs.

8. The Best Reader Question of the Week – How to Fix Lower Back Pain

9. The Best Exercise Video of the Week – A New Perspective on the Sumo Deadlift

10. The Best Guest Article – How to Build an Explosive Deadlift Lockout 

11. The Best Nutrition Article – The Truth About Fattening Foods: They Don’t Exist!

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