Online Coaching

Build Muscle. Burn Fat. Gain Strength.

The Syatt Fitness online coaching program is your solution to crafting your body
into the body you’ve always wanted.

What makes The Syatt Fitness Online Coaching Program
“The best system in the world?”

My clients get results.
Real. Jaw Dropping. Results.

  • Learn the Secrets of Fat Loss and How to Stay Lean All Year Long
  • Build Muscle and Get Stronger than Most Strength Coaches Could Ever Imagine
  • Give Yourself The Chance You Deserve to Finally Be Happy With Your Body
  • Work with Me, Internationally Recognized Lifter, Nutrition Coach, and Fitness Nerd, Jordan Syatt

Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

Hey! My name is Jordan Syatt but everyone calls me “J.”

I’m a strength coach and nutrition consultant based out of Boston, Mass, which, as all my out-of-state friends and family love to remind me, makes me a “mass hole.”

Professionally, I’ve worked with everyone from young teens to professional athletes, and I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of people burn fat, build muscle, and rapidly increase their strength.

But that’s just my job…and I love every minute of it.

As a coach, It’s important for me to not just talk the talk but also walk the walk.

With 5 powerlifting world records to my name, countless success stories, and as a highly sought after speaker all across the U.S., I don’t just train people anymore.

I teach COACHES how to be better coaches.

Over the past decade in the industry, I’ve developed countless systems specifically designed to make fat loss faster, building muscle easier, and strength training even awesomer (yea, it’s a word) than it already is.

And that’s exactly why the Syatt Fitness Online Coaching Program is known as “the best system in the world.”

I take care of all the thinking for you.

I design your individualized nutrition plan, I create your personalized strength training programs, and I use my years of experience to make sure that you succeed no matter what.