Full Body Training on the Beach

In today’s article I provide two short videos which show/describe my first training session in Israel. Beneath the videos I outline my specific goals, exercise selection, sets, reps, and rest periods.




The Training Session

Goal: Full Body Strength, Speed, and of course Fun 🙂

1a) Broad Jumps: 6 x 4 (Rest: None. Go Immediately to Pushups)

1b) Speed Pushups vs. Light Band: 6 x 5 (Rest: :30 seconds and then cycle back to Broad Jumps)

2a) Romanian Deadlift vs. Strong Band: 5 x 5 (Rest: None. Go Immediately to Dips)

2b) Dips vs. Light Band: 3 x 8 (Rest: However much I wanted. Probably about 90 seconds before cycling back to RDLs)

3) Neutral Grip Chins: 3 x 10 (Rest: However much I wanted. Probably about 90 seconds between sets)

And that’s it. Ideally I would have included a bit more upper back work but:

  • An Israeli man started to follow me around to tell me that Squats are bad for the knees and dips are hard enough without band resistance. I just smiled politely and gave him the ‘ol thumbs up.
  • My friend was on his way to pick me up so we could go eat Shawarma

The best Shawarma in Haifa!

  • And I really just wanted to sit and enjoy myself on the beach 🙂

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