New Deadlift Drill for Advanced Lifters: Cable Lumbar Extensions


Before the internet shits itself because I’m rounding my back, this drill is not for beginner lifters or general fitness enthusiasts.

The risk:reward just isn’t worth it for them and, realistically, they have much more important things to develop (core strength and control, hamstring & glute strength, blah blah blah).

That being said, if you’re an advanced deadlifter trying to take your deadlift towards the elite end of the spectrum, this exercise will give you a tremendous advantage.

Because — and I explain this in the video — most lifters actively avoid any exercise that trains their back in lumbar flexion.

That’s a mistake.

Because if you’ve ever missed a deadlift or grinded through near max weight, you know just as well as I do your back is probably going to round.

Sometimes a little.

Sometimes a lot.

Either way, actively avoiding low back flexion in your training (as an elite lifter, not a general fitness enthusiast) isn’t doing you any favors. And, in my opinion, you’re a lot less likely to hurt yourself (and a lot more likely to lift heavier weight) by strategically training your lower back in its weakest position. 

Some will agree.

Many will disagree (I’m wicked excited to see the comments section!).

Regardless, I hope you find this video helpful and, as always, if you have any questions or comments post ’em below.

New Deadlift Drill for Advanced Lifters:

Cable Lumbar Extensions

Watch the whole video — don’t skip around!

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