18 Utterly Mind Blowing Body Transformations

by Jordan Syatt January 14, 2015

My clients are incredible. They train hard. They eat well. They study relentlessly.

And, above all, they devote extraordinary amounts of time and effort to accomplish their goals.

In 2014 I had the honor of working with numerous individuals, each of whom not only achieved incredible results but monumentally succeeded in motivating me every single day.

While I couldn’t feature every single person in this lone article (it’s already incredibly long) I’m beyond proud of every single one of my clients and couldn’t possibly consider myself any luckier to call each and every one of them my friend.

With that said, I’m excited to share with you 18 of the most insane body transformations you’ve ever seen.

Consisting of 9 body composition transformations and 9 strength-based successes, the results of these 18 individuals will absolutely blow your mind.



9 Amazing Body Composition Transformations


Before: 155lbs

Week 1 to 5

Current: 136lbs (-19lbs)


The last time Carly was 136 lbs…

Then Now


Pretty crazy, huh?

Just goes to show you the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

Over the course of roughly 16-weeks, Carly added serious muscle and dropped a ton of fat.

Surprise, surprise…she weighs the same but looks completely different.

Which brings up a good point…

Do You Think Weight Loss is Linear?

Here is Carly’s daily weight chart from the past 16-weeks.

Screenshot (74)

As you can see, there were many days (and even weeks) when her weight would inexplicably fluctuate upwards.

This is so freakin’ important to know ahead of time because if you only base your progress on the scale then you will get discouraged and you won’t make long lasting progress.

The scale is a great tool but NOT the end-all be-all of fat loss. Not even close.


Before: 275lbs

Front (1)

Current: 186lbs (-89lbs!)

Rich 2

Rich’s Professional Pictures: Before & After

Rich 1

You read that right. Rich has lost a total of 89lbs. The best part?

He’s maintained his exceptional weight loss for the better part of a year. How’d he do this?

Well, aside from just being a total boss, he made the conscious decision to change his entire lifestyle. From that point, him and I were able to work together to create an individualized plan that suited his needs, goals, and preferences.

Once that was all said and done it was go-time and, needless to say, Rich absolutely killed it.

Rich continues to work extraordinarily hard and I couldn’t possibly be more impressed with his consistent effort, patience, and dedication.


Before: 185lbs


Current: 165lbs (-20lbs)

chris NEW

Chris is a boss. Period.

Arguably the most dedicated guy I’ve ever met, he’s also insanely badass as, in his free time, he chooses to ride a Moto-X bike as fast as he possibly can in tremendously dangerous arenas.

Not kidding. And now he’s ripped.

So he’s a ripped, bad ass mother fucker who drives Moto-X.

Sorry, ladies, he’s married.


Before: 128lbs


After: 121lbs (-7lbs)


Mark is like my brother.

Except about 20 years older.

And a lot better looking than me.

Semantics aside…we’ll call him my bro.

Straight up: he’s the man.

Not only did he build muscle, drop fat, and increase his sex appeal by roughly 853%…he also drastically improved his strength in all lifts to the point where he’s currently just a hair’s breadth away from a triple bodyweight deadlift.


Before: 155lbs

Right Side

Current: 128.5lbs (-26.5lbs)

Right Side

Lisa’s my all-star.

We’ve been working together for over 1-year now and I can’t even begin to express how hard she works.

What’s been most extraordinary over the past 4-5 month’s, though, is Lisa’s transformation into a flexible dieter.

Now that she’s reached her physique-based goals she’s been able to maintain this weight almost effortlessly with a flexible mindset and approach towards her nutrition.

I should also mention…not only has Lisa lost nearly 30lbs, she’s also drastically increased her strength as demonstrated by her easy 2xBW Deadlift.



Before: 200lbs


Current: 179lbs (-21lbs)


John is incredible.

He’s also Lisa’s (from above) husband!

After working with Lisa online for the better part of a year, I finally got to meet her and John in person as they came to visit me in Boston this past summer.

It was an extraordinary visit packed with several training sessions, inordinate amounts of sushi, and lot’s of ridiculously good saki.

It was freakin’ awesome.

During their visit John told me how impressed he was with Lisa’s transformation and how he, too, would like to get stronger and shed some body fat.

After several discussions and the subsequent creation of a few clear-cut goals, Lisa took John under her wing and has since coached him through this remarkable transformation.

Congrats to both of you, Lisa & John! I can’t wait to see your continued success.


Before: 112lbs

Randi Before

Current: 117lbs (+5lbs)

Randi Before

Randi’s incredible.

She originally started working with me in my group nutrition coaching program this past summer and has since signed on for my strength training programs as well.

While her original goal was to lean out, over the course of the past 6-months she’s built a killer physique and a pair of ridonkulous glutes.

You know what else?

Over the past 10-weeks her squat has increased from 70lbs to 160lbs (+90lbs!).

How’d she do all this?

Consistent practice and relentless hard work.

Congratulations, Randi!


131lbs to 141lbs (+10lbs)

needs no introduction.

A highly accomplished figure competitor, performance coach, and fitness professional, Kellie is one of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever had the honor of working with.

She originally reached out for me to help her prepare for her first Powerlifting competition.

Despite coming to me with some nagging injuries and only 10-weeks to prep, she killed the training program and ended up adding 50lbs to her Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift total.

Yea. She’s incredible.

Oh, wait. There’s more.

Not only did she drastically increase her strength, she also GAINED 10lbs in 10-weeks (insert *gasp* here) and looks absolutely incredible.

Yes, ladies, you read that correctly.

She gained weight.

And looks even better.

Still worried about getting too bulky from lifting heavy?

Didn’t think so.

“I came to Jordan ten weeks out and injured prior to my first meet. Anyone in their right mind would have turned me away, but Jordan is a class-act and he started on my evaluation that week. In the nine weeks that we worked together, his program transformed my strength and physique like I never imagined possible. I hit all my meet goals at 7 weeks out, and along the way somehow gained nearly 10 pounds without changing my clothing size. His support throughout the process was unmatched and he was even texting me the day of my meet while he was at his college graduation. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change was to hire Jordan sooner. I learned a tremendous amount as a lifter and will carry this forward as I set new goals.”

– Kellie


Before: 191lbs


Current: 150lbs (-41lbs)


To say that Cynthia is extraordinary would be an understatement.

A massive understatement.

During our initial 60-min consult, the first thing Cynthia told me was: “I’m a very picky eater, I hate vegetables, and you’re going to hate me because I’m a horrible client.”

Challenge accepted.

Throughout the duration of our consultation, we progressively figured out ways to include all of Cynthia’s favorite foods while keeping her overall energy intake in check to help her achieve her goals.

Now she’s 6-months in, over 40lbs down, and well on her way to achieving and maintaining her ultimate physique.

Abso-Fucking-Lutely Amazing.

For the coaches reading this: if a client tells you they hate vegetables, DO NOT say “well you need to eat them!” and DO NOT think they’re doomed to fail.

You’re wrong.

With the right approach and mindset, you can help them find foods that they actually enjoy so long as you help them figure it out on their own. Absolutely offer your advice and expertise…but if you try to force things on them that they aren’t ready for then you will fail as a coach.

Want Me to Coach You?


I only accept 4 new clients per month so slots are highly limited but if you’d like to apply to my coaching program, shoot me an e-mail to jordan@syattfitness.com with “Query” in the subject line and write a brief (less than 75-word) description of what you’d like to achieve.

9 Extraordinary Strength Gain Transformations

The 3rd 90-day GET STRONG Challenge recently ended with the results proving to be absolutely insane.

Far exceeding even my wildest dreams, below are the average increases per lift (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift) for all of the participants.

Squat: (+36lbs)

Bench Press: (+38lbs)

Deadlift:  (+52.5lbs)

Total: (+126.5lbs)

That’s not a typo.

On average, the participants in this GET STRONG Challenge increased their total by over 125lbs in 90-days. 

The crazy part?

A number of these lifters were already pretty damn strong…teetering between intermediate and advanced.

And while I’ve worked extremely hard over the past few years to create, test, and re-design my own raw powerlifting training model, these results would never have happened were it not for the incredible hard work and dedication exhibited by each participant.

Featured below are some of the lifters who competed in the most recent GET STRONG Challenge as well as several of my outstanding 1-on-1 clients.


Ian – Winner of the GET STRONG Challenge!


Squat: 485lbs to 555lbs (+70lbs)

Bench Press: 335lbs to 365lbs (+30lbs)

Deadlift: 515lbs to 625lbs (+110lbs)

Total: 1335lbs to 1545lbs (+210lbs)

“Hey guys I’m Ian. I’ve been picking things up and putting them down since I was 14 (1996), like most newbies I did chest and arms with determination squats and deadlifts were not something in my vocabulary. I recently found an old goals sheet I printed out for myself in April of 2001 goals: bench 180, military press 130, curl 100 and deadlift 90 as you can tell my goals were a bit skewed. Things really changed for me around 2003 when I read Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik I learned the importance of the squat deadlift and the muscles you don’t see in the mirror. From then on I’ve based all my training around those big lifts. About 6 years ago I came across Elitefts, Joe Defranco, and Tnation then things really started to come together. Through elite I found Jim Wendler and fell in love with 5-3-1, Joe D kept me mobile pain free and added variety to my training and Tnation kept me amused. While reading Tnation and Elitefts articles I found Eric Cressey which is wear Jordan came into my life. I met Jordan about 3 years ago while training at Cressey Performance, we kept in touch mostly me sending harassing emails asking for advice. When his first Get Strong Challenge came around the timing wasn’t right for me but when this one came up I jumped on the chance to see what this youngin that got to play at Westside had to offer. I have to say I’m am throughly pleased with the program he came up with and my results. My squat and deadlift went way up, my bench is still the slowest to improve but learning some tricks that moved up also. I had never done speed work before and I believe that combined with the extra volume at a higher percentages is what made the big difference in this training. I enjoyed the challenge of the heavier weights for multiple sets and intentionally overtraining then using the deload at the end to heal up and come back strong. This program was fantastic and just what I needed. Not only did I learn many things to incorporate in my own training but I learned new ways to help my clients get faster and stronger. Thank you Jordan and everyone else in the challenge for the support over the 12 weeks. I had a great time and hope everyone else did as well.”

– Ian




Squat: 260lbs to 300lbs (+40lbs)

Bench Press: 225lbs to 290lbs (+60lbs)

Deadlift: 365lbs to 455lbs (+90lbs)

Total: 850lbs to 1045lbs (+195lbs)

The Get Strong Challenge was one of the best training experiences I’ve ever had.  In addition to Jordan’s expert programming and technique feedback (which is excellent), you also get a fantastic support group that has a great team feel.  No matter what sticking point, injury, or technique trouble you are having, you can bet that someone else in the group has had a similar experience and will be happy to give you advice on how to improve.  As for the gains, they were ridiculous across the board.  I added almost 200lbs to my total in the 12 week program, and was psyched to see how much everyone else improved as well.  What was more impressive was the consistency in improvement across different skill levels; there were several people in the group already lifting heavy-ass weight, and they STILL managed to tack on impressive gains to each of their lifts.  The Get Strong Challenge is a great way to get huge gains, meet some awesome people, and have a lot of fun along the way.





Squat: 400lbs to 430lbs (+30lbs)

Bench Press: 265lbs to 315lbs (+50lbs)

Deadlift: 435lbs to 520lbs (+85lbs)

Total: 1100lbs to 1265lbs (+165lbs)

This competition was awesome. I learned SO MUCH about lifting in this short 12 week period. Definitely learned how to take the step from a decent intermediate lifter to someone who could handle the weights I thought were reserved for the big guys. The best part was getting to understand this style of training. I have complete confidence I can repeat and modify as needed in the future! Absolutely great experience and everyone in the group KILLED IT. Loved it. Thanks Jordan!




Squat: 215lbs to 235lbs (+20lbs)

Bench: 130lbs to 150lbs (+20lbs)

Deadlift: 245lbs to 315lbs (+70lbs)

Total: 590lbs to 700lbs (+110lbs)

First and foremost, this is a shameless promotion: J is a catch.

In my experience many women do not believe that they can move substantial weight and few desire to try.  I was certainly of the same mindset. Men, on the other hand, seem to accept that lifting does the body good but few believe women are capable of lifting heavy and comparably. Luckily my competitive nature and rebellion against the word “can’t” led to my love affair of lifting weights. And luckily this led me to Jordan.

J operates on a different playing field. From the beginning he celebrated my strength and was more confident in my abilities to become insanely strong than I was. I originally reached out to him, skeptical, but wanting to push my limits and learn more about what a well-designed strength program looks like. He listened to my strength and performance goals, catered to my needs, and helped me to remain focused on my current goals.

During my twelve-weeks with Jordan I refreshed my mailbox over and again in eager anticipation of different phases, laughed out loud at his witty text more times than I can count, and made a fantastic friend in the process. Oh, and I got strong(er). Through trusting the process and making the adjustments Jordan recommended (even those I didn’t 100% agree with at the time) I made some impressive improvements to technique, form, and strength.

Thanks, J.

– Kimberly




Squat: 175lbs to 200lbs (+25lbs)

Bench Press: 95lbs to 110lbs (+15lbs)

Deadlift: 185lbs to 225lbs (+30lbs)

Total: 480lbs to 540lbs (+70lbs)

Ahhhhh the reasons I love Jordan. He is one of the few people aside from my family that I can be 100% my crazy self around. We met when I was 24 and he was just 16, when he was interning at our new kettlebell studio. It ‘s safe to say we have just as much fun now as we did then.

7 years have passed since then and we both have had our fair share of fitness and nutrition experiences. Having been in the fitness world for 10 years I found myself BURNT OUT. I had spent the better part of the decade grinding at work; I competed in figure competitions and started my own business. My motivation to get in the gym for myself just wasn’t where it used to be.  I had done distance coaching with Nick Tumminello as well as Greg Robins in the past and LOVED it. I just had this feeling I needed some quality face time with a coach I trusted.

Bottom line is this, I TRUST JORDAN. You HAVE to trust your coach. YOU HAVE TO.

Lucky for me the opportunity presented itself. In February of 2014, I hired Jordan to help make lifting FUN again. I went into our first meeting stating I wanted to be in and out of the gym in 1 hr (warm-up included) + I wanted to focus on becoming more athletic. After that we began training in my garage.

Jordan trusted in my solid awareness around nutrition (aside from my excessive plantain consumption) and on we went with my thrice weekly strength sessions. I continued to practice yoga 1-2 times a week because I LOVE IT, and I continued to walk/hike daily.  It was ONLY the strength training with Jordan that changed.

I am all about the “LESS IS MORE” mentality but Jordan took this to another level.   I learned to rest harder and lift heavier than I ever had before.   He challenged my own ideas of what I am capable of.

Examples of strength gains.

  • In August I was benching 95*10
  • In December I was benching 110 *10

Set a goal to back squat 200lbs. At the end of 2013 I was stuck at 175. Jordan took my stance way in and I started back at 135 BAHHAHAHAHA. Needless to say I reached my goal of 200 and could perform multiple reps.

Unlike the majority of people out there deadlifting is not my favorite lift.  Jordan taught me how to sumo deadlift for the first time in my life.  Finally it clicked and the lift made so much sense to me! We eventually made it to #225 sumo style deadlift.


In the past 11 months with Jordan lifting became fun again, I got strong as fuck, and despite thinking my ass was good before, WOW training with Jordan built me a GADONK… move over Kim K.

stacey glutes

– Stacey




Squat: 130lbs to 170lbs (+40lbs)

OH Press: 70lbs to 75lbs (+5lbs)

Deadlift: 245lbs to 265lbs (+20lbs) –> 2xBW!

Total: 445lbs to 510lbs (+65lbs) 




Squat: 165lbs to 185lbs (+20lbs)

Bench Press: 105lbs to 130lbs (+25lbs)

Deadlift: 210lbs to 225lbs (+15lbs)

Total: 480lbs to 540lbs (+60lbs)

“I want you to know how much this experience has meant to me.  I turn 40 at the end of the month and I started this year with the feeling that I wanted to be “40 and fabulous” which meant that I was  going to “clean up my diet” and try to get in fitness-competition shape once in my life.  But there is always room for disappointment with that and I fucking hate dieting. Doing this program gave me that thrill of working out and working towards something without the pressure of “losing those last few pounds” or getting rid of that fat here or adding muscle there.  I know that I put pressure on myself anyway but it was an needed break from THAT kind of stress.  I will be 40 and fabulous and its not because I lost 3 or 5 or 7 pounds (which I totally didn’t haha) but because I accomplished something concrete and measurable that was not about my bullshit body fat percentage.”

– Andrea




Squat: 275lbs to 320lbs (+45lbs)

Deadlift: 275lbs to 345lbs (+70lbs)

“Before meeting Jordan, I was your typical eat less/ more cardio kind of person who never picked up a single heavy weight. I hurt my back from Crossfitting severely and I have completely herniated my L3, L4 and L5 discs. As you can believe, this causes many pain issues when lifting. I’ve worked with with Jordan for about 6 months now. We had a one on one personal training session and he was able to identify multiple reasons why my back pain was hurting my overall strength and physique goals. Working with Jordan has been a absolute pleasure, he is quick to responsive and always has SMART advice for lifting.  He has the ability to identify weaknesses and take action immediately. He does not like to sugar coat things, he keeps things to the point and makes sure you are hitting your goals consistently. With the knowledge he has in regards to Westside barbell and being Cressey certified; I am 100% positive that Jordan can help anyone reach there goals.”

– Anthony




Squat: 365lbs to 385lbs (+20lbs)

Bench Press: 215lbs to 240lbs (+25lbs)

Deadlift: 475lbs to 480lbs (+5lbs)

Total: 1055lbs to 1105lbs (+50lbs)

I was lucky enough to train under Jordan. The program Jordan  put together was great and the results of the group and myself speak for themselves. During the program we hammered the big 3 multiple times a week, doing so I got more confident under the bar. I was getting confident and stronger together and my lifts showed that, adding 20 pounds to my squat, 25 to my bench, 5 to my deadlift, and 50 pounds to my total. I have the highest respect for Jordan as a coach, and a person and would recommend to anyone. I look forward to continuing to work with Jordan in the future.

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