How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

by Jordan Syatt June 5, 2019

“Jordan… PLEASE tell me how to lose weight without counting calories!” I hear this question all the time and yes I know, counting calories sucks hippogriff feet. It’s not fun and it does take some extra work. Good news is I can help you learn how to lose weight without counting calories. Let’s do this.

Starting off…

Everyone should really try it for at least 30 days to get a better idea of:

  • How much they’re actually eating
  • What appropriate portion sizes look like
  • How much they need to eat to lose, maintain or gain weight

On the other hoof, you don’t need to count calories.And, candidly, I’ve always viewed “nutrition mastery” as being able to eat intuitively without tracking. That’s why I don’t count my calories anymore. I did meticulously for several years. But now I can look at any plate of food and guess how many calories it has within 50-100 calories.
However, in order to lose weight, you HAVE to be in a calorie deficit.
So calculate your deficit. Be consistent with those numbers for 4 weeks.
So you are probably wondering how many calories you should eat for fat loss. Follow this simple method:

  1. Multiply your goal weight by 12. That is your daily calorie intake.
  2. Track your progress and adjust your calories as needed.
  3. Stop looking for the best formula. It doesn’t exist. Start here. Be consistent. Track your progess. Adjust as needed.

Method for those who don’t want to count calories

What I have in this graphic is one of the methods I use for people who want to lose weight without counting calories. Sometimes they hate tracking and prefer this instead. Other times, they use this when traveling or going on vacation to stay on track.

Either way, it’s just a starting point. Not a definitive law for every person.
And from here you can track your progress and adjust as needed.

  • Add another meal and/or snack.
  • Take a snack out or reevaluate what your meals look like.

Either way, this 3 meals/2 snacks strategy is one of my personal favorites and it works REALLY well.
Ideally, you’ll use it as a fat loss “cheat sheet” to give a new method a shot and see how well it works for you.
Because listen, there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to go about all of this. The key is to find what works best for YOU and run with it.

Whether that’s:

  • This method
  • Counting calories
  • Paleo or plant-based
  • Atkins

It doesn’t matter.
Try different things, experiment, see what helps you succeed and feel your best, and spread your wings like Buckbeak and flap the f^*k on.

Intuitive eating vs. calorie counting

Now, let’s talk about the difference between calorie counting and intuitive eating.
I’m gonna tell you, that in order to get to a point in which you can reach Dumbledore status, in which you can learn how to lose fat without counting calories, you must first learn how to count calories.

I know it’s not fun, I know there are people watching, there are witches and wizards around the world saying, “F^*k you snape, I don’t wanna count calories.”

BUT, if you are not willing to count calories, then you’re limiting your potential to succeed.
A lot of people will say, “You don’t need to count calories. You should just intuitively eat and you eat how you feel, listen to your body, yada yada.”

But the thing about that is, that’s actually what dumbledore status entails. And the people who say that have usually counted calories for years to begin with.
A lot of them were figure competitors, bodybuilders, etc. As people who’ve counted calories, they did it to a point in which they did it obsessively and then they were like, “we shouldn’t have to count calories, let’s eat intuitively.”

But the reason they know how to eat intuitively is that they’ve learned how much they were actually eating and what works for them in the first place.

And you might be wondering, “well, Jordan, how come I can’t just do intuitive eating? I see people talking about intuitive eating all over Instagram!”
You smart little witch or wizard, you can!

That is part of Dumbledore status.
A lot of these people telling you that “you should just do intuitive eating, you shouldn’t be calorie counting” are coming from a place of having calorie counted. They’ve developed that skill, they did it for a long time, and then they learned how to intuitively eat.
Which is why you hear them say, “I don’t count calories anymore.”
They can look at a plate of food and know how many calories are in it because they developed the skill.

Steps to become Dumbledore status

  1. Skill acquisition
  2. Skill development
  3. Skill mastery

So my point is, you must figure out what works for YOUR body and take the actionable steps to learn how to lose weight without counting calories. You must understand how to gauge what your eating and if it will result in a calorie deficit. And in order to do that, you must understand how to count calories and once you do, you can intuitively eat the sh*t out of whatever you want. You got me?
Now, put in the work and get to Dumbledore status. I believe in you!

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