If Physical Ailments Were Treated Like Obesity…

Syatt-Fitness-Logo-300x300Obesity is not a choice.

Contrary to popular creed, there are countless underlying factors associated with obesity – many of which fall outside of an individual’s control.

Unfortunately, societal norms – particularly in the mainstream fitness culture – actually support and encourage over simplistic views of obesity.

It’s not uncommon to hear overarching generalizations such as:

Fat people are just lazy.


They don’t want it badly enough.


They don’t care about their health.

Statements such as these – aside from being utterly false and based on pure ignorance – provide absolutely zero useful insight.

They do nothing to support weight loss and, in fact, actually discourage people from attempting to lose weight.

Imagine if physical ailments were treated like obesity…

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That would be ridiculous, right? Arguably insane.

Well, losing weight is no different.

Making an individual feel bad about their weight (commonly referred to as fat shaming) is the worst way to go about inspiring change. 

If you truly want to help an individual lose weight, you will – first and foremost – understand that obesity is not a choice.

Let me repeat that one more time.

Obesity Is Not a Choice!

Once that is understood, you will support the individual through the good times as well as the tough. 

You will not only provide them with helpful advice but, more importantly, you will provide them with a comforting shoulder to lean on when things get challenging.

You will never blame them or make them feel like a bad person.

They will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you love them no matter what and will continue to believe in them them even when they have trouble believing in themselves.

Do you want to help spread the word and start treating obesity the right way?

Share this article and let everyone know that obesity is not a choice!

With a supportive environment we could make a truly incredible change.

Never Minimal. Never Maximal. Always Optimal.


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