Video of The Week: How to Make…SHAKSHOUKA!!!

by Jordan Syatt October 1, 2012




Ever since I posted a picture of my home made shakshouka to various social networking accounts I’ve been inundated with requests for recipes and cooking instructions.

At first I was hesitant as to whether or not I should reveal the super-secret recipe. However, after hours of deliberation I realized that no life is complete without tasting the marvelous glory that is…shakshouka!

Before I provide you with the recipe and cooking instructions, it’s my responsibility to warn you of the serious implications that will inevitably occur as a direct result of making shakshouka….

WARNING: Those who choose to prepare and consume SHAKSHOUKA will become hopelessly addicted. You will forever crave the glorious dish and, unless you are eating it, you will never be truly satisfied. SHAKSHOUKA is a gift and a curse. With learning the recipe comes great power…and great responsibility.


Now that you have been warned and effectively signed your soul away, below I’ve provided the link to the sacred dish’s recipe and cooking instructions.



Cooking Instructions:

1) Stir fry onions (and mushrooms if you want)
2) Add tomatoes (~1.5 cups/person)
3) Add spices to taste (salt, pepper, chili powder, cilantro, garlic, etc)
4) Add eggs (~3 per person)
5) Cover and let cook for ~5 minutes
6) Devour immediately


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