A Bigger Range of Motion Isn’t Always a Better Range of Motion

range of motionIn the world of strength and conditioning, the term “range of motion” (ROM) is a catch all phrase brought up on a minute-by-minute basis.

And while it’s an essential component to understand, many coaches get caught up in the idea that “bigger is better” and subsequently strive for a larger ROM on every single drill.

But there’s a problem…

A Bigger Range of Motion Isn’t Always Better

To illustrate exactly why a bigger range of motion isn’t always better (and is often even dangerous), I recorded the brief video below.

Your Take Away

A bigger range of motion isn’t always better. 

If you’re creating a bigger range through useless and possibly even dangerous movement, you’re simply wasting time and energy.

So instead of blindly focusing on using a larger ROM, focus on using the right muscles to generate a sufficient training effect and whatever range that requires.

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