Master the Deadlift with 4 Video Deadlift Tutorials and An Entire Manual…FREE!

by Jordan Syatt March 26, 2015

Learn How to Master the Deadlift For FREE! From World Record Powerlifter, Jordan Syatt, In His Brand New Resource The Deadlift Bible

Hey there!

As a world record powerlifter and 4x bodyweight deadlifter, I get a lot of questions pertaining to the deadlift. 

And considering I’ve spent the vast majority of my life training, coaching, competing, and helping others get stronger…I decided to write The Deadlift Bible to answer the most commonly misunderstood components of Deadlifting.
Q: Have you ever wondered how to find the best deadlift technique for you?

Q: Are you tired of playing guessing games and ready to learn the right way to train and progress the deadlift?

Q: Are you ready to learn the truth about deadlifting and how to get as strong as humanly possible?

If you answered “yes” to just one of these questions then YOU are the exact person for whom I wrote my brand new and FREE training manual: The Deadlift Bible – The World’s Best Deadlift Manual for a Stronger, Safer, & Explosive Deadlift.

Inside I outline everything you need to know to master the deadlift.

The Deadlift Bible Includes

how to deadlift> 4 video tutorials demonstrating perfect technique for my top 4 deadlift variations

> Explicit programming instructions outlining exactly how to progress from beginner to advanced variations

> Unbiased overviews of my top 4 deadlift variations including the pro’s and con’s of each as well as how to incorporate them into your training program

> My personal favorite deadlift coaching cues that I’ve used with extraordinary success with both myself and my clients

The Deadlift Bible BONUS CHAPTERS Include

sumo> An in-depth video tutorial teaching you exactly how to “pull the slack out of the bar” to keep you safer and stronger for the rest of your life

> An entire chapter outlining the 3 most underrated training tools that you absolutely need in your training arsenal

Here’s The Problem…

how to deadliftAlong with the advent of the internet came the ability for anyone and everyone to become a self-proclaimed “deadlift expert.”

And with every “expert” claiming to be right, it’s almost impossible to decipher whose telling the truth and whose just a phony trying to make a quick buck off your hard earned paycheck.

I’m NOT here to take your money!

As a 4x Bodyweight Deadlifter, World Record Powerlifter, and world renowned strength coach…I know my methods work and I know you’re going to learn a ton from The Deadlift Bible. 

Plus…I’m giving it away for free.

The Deadlift Bible Takes All Guess Work Out of the Equation…

And It’s FREE!

Discussed in a simple and easy to understand format, The Deadlift Bible covers everything you need to know with explicit instructions on how to build your strongest, safest, and most explosive deadlift. 

Wait…there’s more?

If you download The Deadlift Bible right now you’ll get 3 more e-books sent directly to your inbox…absolutely FREE!
free ebookssSo not only will you receive The Deadlift Bible but you’ll also get…

✓ The Syatt Fitness Guide to Strength Training (45-min Seminar)

✓ The Syatt Fitness Guide To Warming Up for Optimal Performance

✓ The 6 Most Blatantly Misunderstood Components of the Westside Barbell Conjugate Method

So what’s the catch?

JMC20141107-DSC_5812wNo catch. 
None. Nada. Zilch. In order to get The Deadlift Bible FREE, along with 3 more free world record training manuals, all you need to do is drop your info in the short form below.

Once you do that I can send you all the books and videos in one fell swoop so you can have access to them for the rest of your life.

So, what are you waiting for?
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