My Road to a 4x Bodyweight Deadlift: Episode 4

by Jordan Syatt September 29, 2014
Miguel Aragoncillio and I comparing heights at the CSP annual fall seminar.

This past Saturday was my 2nd (and final) Bench Press session of last week. 

It went well – much better than expected – especially considering I was still atrociously sore from Wednesday’s upper body workout. 

Here’s the breakdown.

1) Bench Press: 4 x 8 @ 175lbs

I kept the weigh relatively low because I still insanely sore from Wednesday’s training session. To make up for the lower weight I reduced rest periods to a maximum of 75-seconds. 

I’m still mainly focused on increasing muscle hypertorphy in this phase so I’m not overly concerned with maximal strength.

2) Dumbbell Bench Press: 4 x 10 @ 60lbs

By the time I got to these my triceps were already destroyed.

You’ll see what I mean near the end of the set.

3) Barbell Bent Over Row: 4 x 8 @ 135lbs

Looking at the video I’m not happy with how much momentum I used to get the bar to my chest so I’ll either:

a) Lower the weight next time 


b) Stop being a cheater and focus on using better form.

I think I’ll opt for Option “b.”

4a) Dumbbell Row: 3 x 12/arm @ 70lbs

Nothing special to note here. Supersetted these with DBell OH Press (below) and pushed the rest periods so I had zero rest between sets. 

Back (specifically lats) was completely blown up…in a “it hurts so good” kind of way.

4b) Dumbbell Overhead Press: 3 x 12 @35lbs

Nothing special to note here, either. With little-to-no rest my forearms and delts were hating me by the end.

Still feeling this workout a lot today (2 days later).

That’s a Wrap!

Start to finish, warm-up included, this training session took me slightly less than 60-min.

I usually don’t work that fast (most training sessions are 60-75min) but I wanted to push myself since I was using lighter weights and less rest would lead to more muscular metabolic stress ideally improving muscle hypertrophy.

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