For Personal Trainers: A Brand New Online Coaching Platform to Improve Your Business

by Jordan Syatt March 31, 2014

Creating an online coaching business is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Not only has it allowed me to work with and meet people from all across the globe (most of my online clients live internationally), it’s also given me the opportunity to help hundreds of people world-wide while drastically increasing my income.

Yea…it’s not such a bad gig. 

Why am I telling you this?

Every personal trainer I know wants to help more people and make more money but aren’t sure what steps they need to take.

Starting an online coaching service is the way to do it and I want to teach you how.

There’s an overwhelming lack of information pertaining to online coaching and, as such, I’m going to write a number of articles outlining how to begin your own successful online coaching business.

Before I write those articles, though, I’m excited to introduce you to an incredible team of experts running the brand new online coaching platform, Strength Portal.

I’ll say right off the bat that I’m not an affiliate nor do I get any benefit from sharing Strength Portal with you. Plain and simple, they’re an incredible company and I truly believe in their potential to help personal trainers world-wide.

That being said, Strength Portal is essentially an online coaching platform designed to make the process of online coaching as simple and efficient as possible for both the coach (you) and trainee.

I was fortunate enough to to sit down with their team (via Skype) and have them walk me through, step-by-step, everything the platform has to offer.

Truth be told…it’s amazing.

Even better?

They asked what changes I thought the platform needed in order to make it better, so I gave them my thoughts and they’ve since implemented them spectacularly within the Strength Portal system.

Plain and simple…this is the best online coaching platform I’ve ever seen.

To give you a better understanding of Strength Portal, what it is, and why you would benefit from using it, I’ve provided a brief Q&A between myself and Matt, one of the head honcho’s.

If you have any specific questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below or reach out to Matt directly over on Strength Portal.

Q: What is StrengthPortal?

StrengthPortal is a cloud software designed to save personal trainers time and increase their revenue. Our tools help trainers to manage and track their clients fitness whether they are training online or in the gym.


Q: Why Did You Create it?

My brother, Andrew, is a strength coach and I found out that the tools he was using were time-consuming and outdated. Like most trainers he was using a combination of Excel, email, Skype, and notebooks to manage his online and in-person clients. We saw this as an opportunity to introduce software that added a lot of value to a profession that has been largely overlooked by the tech community.


Q: How will StrengthPortal help personal trainers?

The majority of software and tools that are created in the fitness space are looking to diminish or replace personal trainers in some way. Our team has too much respect for trainers to ever try to do this, so instead our tools are designed to empower them by helping them do their job better.

When a trainer uses StrengthPortal they save time managing their clients fitness compared to previous methods.


Q: How will StrengthPortal allow personal trainers to make more money?

By adding new revenue streams to their business. StrengthPortal’s focus for in-person training is improving efficiency, but outside of the gym there are some great possibilities to create additional revenue. Let me give you two use cases:

Online coaching – With StrengthPortal, a trainer can write a workout program, send their client the workout, and track the progress as the client performs the sessions. We recently added mobile apps for Android and iOS that makes the data entry quick and easy for clients and communication tools to our platform. The next step will be to add note-taking tools to strengthen the trainer/client relationship and make trainers lives easier.

Remote training – Many trainers I talk to who work exclusively in the gym have clients who ask for workouts in the days they aren’t working together or while they are traveling. Using StrengthPortal, trainers can profit from this opportunity by writing and tracking workouts for these clients. The only difference between online coaching and remote training is that with remote the trainer still sees the client in the gym at their normal meeting times.


Q: What makes StrengthPortal unique?

StrengthPortal is unique because it was designed by personal trainers to truly complement their professional needs. Before our team built out any of the tools we showed rough designs to trainers all over the world to gather as much feedback as possible. We went through redesign after redesign until we got the type of response we wanted, which was a reaction of authentic excitement. You can tell when using our software that is was designed by someone who really understood the problems that trainers were having. We made sure of that from the very beginning.

A good example of this is the program creation tool. I honestly believe that it’s the best program creation software in the world and we have trainers tell us this all the time. What’s even cooler about this is that we know we can make it even better.


Q: How does StrengthPortal accommodate the personal trainers busy schedule?

First of all, we want to make trainers schedules less chaotic by saving them time compared to their current systems. Switching from using outdated tools spread across 3-5 different mediums to one software will be a big part of this. In addition, there is great potential for improving the current methods used to take notes and communicate with clients, which  trainers do on a daily basis. We’re working towards StrengthPortal having the ability to do the heavy lifting for trainers so they can quickly look over data, communicate with their clients, and focus on the individual instead of worrying about a mountain of paperwork.


Q: We all understand the importance of tracking progress. Does StrengthPortal take this into consideration?

Absolutely. When a client confirms a workout session, that data gets pulled up into the cloud and is shown on our website. The trainer and client can both view the workouts and exercise history on their personal accounts. We are working on representing the data in effective and visually appealing ways so that each party can quickly see the data.


Q: How easy is it to use StrengthPortal?

According to trainers using StrengthPortal is very easy! For clients we’ve solved the majority of the biggest pain points they had with online training and the recent release of our mobile apps is a huge part of this. For trainers, using StrengthPortal requires a time investment to get setup, but we do a lot of work on our end to make this transition as easy as possible. We can write up programs for trainers that they send over to us and are always available to chat or call so we can walk them through the tools step-by-step. We’ve found that trainers are willing to do this because of the long-term benefits switching to our system will have on their business.

Once a trainer makes the switch to StrengthPortal, they find that it’s a very enjoyable experience compared to their current systems. To show the benefits of StrengthPortal and get more trainers on our software they can set up a free account on StrengthPortal and add up to 5 clients with no imposed time limit. Trainers can train and track their own workouts while testing out StrengthPortal for free, which helps with learning the capabilities of all the tools we’ve built.

Are You Interested In Using Strength Portal?

Get more information about Strength Portal, how it can help you reach more people, and increase your revenue HERE!

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