3 Quick Tips for Better Posture


Over the past few months I’ve been writing more than ever and, as a result, have found myself hunched over my computer for inordinate amounts of time.

While I love writing and having the freedom to work from my computer, it’s definitely begun to take a toll on my posture, movement, and overall performance. As a result, I began to play around with various sitting arrangements to see if I could ease the load on my body by working in less compromising positions.

As a frame of reference, this is a slightly exaggerated representation of how I used to sit:


Needless to say…that’s shitty posture. It’s no wonder I’ve lost some mobility in my hips, upper back, and shoulders, not to mention the tension I’ve built up around my neck. If it weren’t for my extensive pre-training warm-ups and daily mobility sessions I’d be in even worse condition.

Fortunately, though, I recently found 3 separate sitting arrangements which I’ve been using interchangeably throughout the day to help improve my posture. Each position has its own benefits and drawbacks which I’ll briefly discuss below.

Posture Correction #1: The Old Switcharoo


I didn’t know what to name this position so I went with The Old Switcharoo.

Don’t judge me.

As you can see, all I did was flip the chair around so the backrest was directly in front of my chest. To be honest, I have absolutely zero idea as to why this works so well but, as soon as I do it, my posture improves dramatically. This is currently my favorite sitting position.

I’d note, some chairs definitely aren’t built for this sitting arrangement. I tried doing it with a particularly wide-seated chair in one of my classes and just ended up chaffing my inner-thighs.

Posture Correction #2: Half Kneeling Position


This is currently my 2nd favorite sitting position. Not only does the Half Kneeling Position allow for more thoracic extension but it also facilitates ankle dorsiflexion and hip extension on the down leg .

The main issue with this position, though, is that it can become extremely uncomfortable for the supporting knee. To combat this, I kneel on a folded towel or a pillow but, truth be told, I still need to switch legs about once every 10 minutes.

Posture Correction #3: Tall Kneeling Position


This is my 3rd favorite position. Similar to the one above, the Tall Kneeling Position is great for the ankles, hips, and upper back. Unfortunately, though, it’s nearly impossible to hold for long periods of time because of the stress it places on the knees. That being said, I still enjoy it and use it on a daily basis.


Practical Application

One of the keys to maintaining & improving posture is assuming a wide variety of positions throughout the day. Consistently getting up, moving, and placing your body in a new position will do wonders for overall health and function.

That being the case, don’t feel obligated to sit in one position all day long. I encourage you to cycle between these, and other, positions to help you stay healthy, pain free, and performing at your best.

Never Minimal. Never Maximal. Always Optimal.


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