Supreme Iron Warrior Meet Recap

by Jordan Syatt September 15, 2014

This past weekend I competed in the RPS Surpreme Iron Warrior Powerlifting meet alongside one of my best friends and long-time training partner, Sean.

Me on the left, Sean in the middle, Craig on the right.
Me on the left, Sean in the middle, Craig on the right.

One of the strongest, smartest, and all-around most genuine individuals I’ve ever known, this was Sean’s last Powerlifting competition.

I originally wasn’t planning on competing until January 2015 but since this was Sean’s final meet I chose to enter and compete with him one last time.

Sean lifted extraordinarily well and hit personal records in all 3 lifts.

Totaling 1285lbs, Sean hit an easy 425lb squat, 310lb bench press, and 550lb deadlift.

The best part was Sean had a lot left in the tank and, given the chance, easily could have totaled well above 1300lbs. 

As for me…

I had a pretty good day as well.

Not nearly my best but much better than expected. 

Before I go into the details, here were my best lifts of the day:

Squat: 380lbs (2.5lb all-time personal record)

Bench Press: 220lbs (no where near my best)

Deadlift: 490lbs (5lb all-time personal record)

Total: 1190lbs (slightly less than my all-time best)

The Play by Play

I’ve never felt worse going into a meet.


Over the past 6-months my training has, unfortunately, taken a back seat and subsequently been no where near as consistent as I’d like it to be.

Between working as a full-time coach, building Syatt Fitness, starting at AMP Fitness, trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, etc, etc, etc…my training went down the drain.

It’d be easy for me to make any number of excuses but the reality is my performance is my responsibility. 


I hardly slept.

I rarely ate enough.

And I prioritized work far more than my own performance.

I don’t regret it – not in the least – because other areas of my life have improved more than I ever could have imagined. But I’m not happy with how this meet went and it’s time for me to make a change.

Having said that, here’s the meet play-by-play.

The Squat

First Attempt: 335lbs

Opening at 335lbs, I knew this was going to be an easy single.

Second Attempt: 360lbs

Remember I said my training’s been shit?

I actually failed 360lbs out of the hole about 3 weeks ago. Going into the meet I thought if I hit 360lbs it’d be a good day.

I ended up burying it and going for an all-time personal record.

Third Attempt: 380lbs

Obviously a grinder, I’m glad I chose to use the bathroom prior to this attempt.

Going into my next meet I plan to hit a 405lb squat which will be about 3x my bodyweight. 

The Bench Press

First Attempt: 220lbs (no video)

15lbs less than my all-time meet PR, I knew this was going to be a cake walk.

Unfortunately, I had a dur-dur-dur moment and forgot to wait for the “Bench!” command. 

The lift was disqualified.

Second Attempt: 220lbs

Not wanting to bomb out of the meet (I really wanted to deadlift) I opted to take 220 again.

It felt like speed work.

Third Attempt: 240lbs

Going for broke, I chose to make a relatively big jump and go for an all-time PR.

I got stapled.

No excuse other than I wasn’t strong enough to press it.

Going into my next meet I plan to hit a 245lb Bench Press.

The Deadlift

First Attempt: 460lbs


At this point I thought 500 was [finally] in the bag.

Second Attempt: 490lbs

Much harder than I wanted.

Reviewing the video it looks much faster than it felt, but I strained my right pec at lockout and new 500 was going to be a battle

Third Attempt: 500lbs

I wanted this so bad.

So fucking bad.

It actually felt pretty good off the floor but as soon as it got to my knees I hit a wall and knew it wasn’t going anywhere. 

I guess I’ll just have to wait until my next meet where I plan to hit a 4x bodyweight Deadlift of 530lbs. 

My Plan Going Forward…

My next competition is scheduled for January 2015 in Newark, NJ.

Competing at a bodyweight of 132lbs, I plan to hit:

Squat: 405lbs (3x BW)

Bench Press: 245lbs (1.9x BW)

Deadlift: 530lbs (4x BW)

Total: 1180lbs

Lofty goals, no doubt, but these next few months I’m going to attack my training with an entirely new level of intensity. 

I look forward to sharing my progress and learning experience with you.

Speaking of Which…

Do you want to get coached by me and join my brand new Powerlifting team?

I just started an online Powerlifting team and sign-ups last only through the next few days so if you want to join and get coached by me don’t miss out.

Sign Up Here

Throughout the programs, participants will have the opportunity to win $$$, clothing, and more.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see you in the group!


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