Syatt Fitness: The Best of 2012

by Jordan Syatt December 30, 2012

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone.

While each year seems to go by faster than the last, I can’t help but hide my enthusiasm for 2013.Through this website I’ve been fortunate enough to build a community – more like a family – that has been supportive beyond my wildest dreams. Every day I wake up to e-mails, tweets, facebook posts, and more from some of my best friends in the world…many of whom I’ve yet to meet in person.

I want to thank each and every one of you not only for supporting, encouraging, and motivating me every single day, but for allowing me to be a part of your lives. It’s been an honor getting to know you and I look forward to developing our relationships over the coming year.

Speaking of which, after numerous conversations with friends, family, and colleagues I’ve noticed a trend for some to view the new year in a sad or negative light…almost as though time is running out…

I prefer a different point of view.

The new year marks a new beginning; a new chapter in our lives. It’s a time to celebrate the past and rejoice for the future. In a universe so incomprehensibly expansive…a world so large… among billions of people, places, and opportunities, I consider myself blessed to know each and every one of you.

Let’s enter 2013 happy, excited, and adventurous. Let’s approach each day with the motivation to improve, the curiosity to see how far we can go, and the willingness to truly enjoy each and every moment life has to offer.

Thank you for an incredible 2012…now it’s only fitting to welcome 2013 with a bang 🙂

While I’m sure many – including myself – will forget all some of New Years Eve, I don’t want you to forget your favorite articles from Syatt Fitness. That being the case, below I’ve provided the best articles from 2012. This way, when you’re welcoming in the new year with a mind blowing hangover you’ll have all of your favorites in one convenient place.

To a wonderful, joyous, and successful new year….

Never Minimal. Never Maximal. Always Optimal.


2012’s Featured Client Success Story

I Believe I Can Fly: Joe’s Journey to a Slam Dunk

2012’s Free E-Books

The College Students Guide to Grocery Shopping: Healthy Eating Made Easy

The Syatt Fitness Guide to Warming Up: A Step by Step Guide for Optimal Performance

2012’s Most Popular Articles

The Dieters Dilemma: How to Stay Full in a Caloric Deficit



Two Commonly Overlooked Aspects of Programming: Load Vector Training & Ankle Mobility



The Difference Between Organic and Natural – Featured on T-Nation


A Simple Method for Maximal Strength: How to Work Up to a 1 Repetition Maximum – Featured in Men’s Fitness Australia


Exercise Video of the Week: Scapular Push-Up Progressions for Shoulder Health and Function



Intermittent Fasting: It Might Not Be Right for You and That’s O.K.!



The Beginners Guide to Weight Training


Exercise Video of the Week: How to Do a Push-Up



The Westside Barbell Conjugate Method: A Guide to Variation



Sumo and Conventional Deadlifting: An Overview of Technique, Programming, and Individual Weaknesses


Developing Explosive Strength and Power for Athletic Performance

Exercise Video of the Week: Correcting the Conventional Deadlift

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