Client Spotlight: Lisa’s Insane Beach Body Transformation

by Jordan Syatt April 21, 2014

Today I’m honored to share the extraordinary success of my friend and client, Lisa.

I previously featured Lisa, among 10 other SF clients, in this post showcasing 11 jaw dropping body transformations.

Since then Lisa and I have continued to work through my online coaching program and her results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Rather than harp on and on about her extraordinary work ethic and utmost dedication (which I could do for hours on end), I want to cut to the chase and show you how freakin’ good she looks.

Before: 155lbs

Current: 134lbs

Current: 134lbs

Current: 134lbs


Isn’t that crazy?

Every time I look at the “current” picture it blows my mind.

How Often Does She Train?

3 days per week.


I’m not kidding.

3 days per week she strength trains in the gym and the other days consist of nothing more than light aerobic exercise (i.e. walking).

What About Her Strength?

Not only has Lisa lost over 20lbs in the past 6 months, she’s also gotten a hell of a lot stronger.

And I don’t mean adding a couple pounds to her squat and deadlift…I mean she went from performing several sets of assisted to chin-ups to several sets of weighted chin-ups over the course of our consultation.

Here she is doing 4 x 3 with 10lbs strapped around her waist!

Can She Maintain These Results Forever?


See, the best component of Lisa’s transformation is the positive mindset change she’s experienced regarding training and nutrition.

To illustrate, Lisa recently sent me an e-mail in which she noted:

After too many years of trying different things, it’s your sensible, sustainable approach that really appeals to me.  The carb cycling has helped me get through some tough days – knowing the next day I will have plenty to eat…. Mostly, though, learning how to fit my nutrition around my life instead of my life around my nutrition has made the most significant difference.  I’m happy to go to family functions and enjoy myself guilt-free for a change!

***bold added by Jordan for emphasis***

It’s this exact change in mindset, one from rigid to flexible dieting, that I aim to achieve with all of my clients and that Lisa fully exemplifies.

Needless to say, Lisa is a truly extraordinary woman with an unquenchable thirst to improve and a level of dedication known only by a select few.

Working with Lisa has not only been a pleasure, it’s been a distinct honor and I’m sure her success has inspired you just as it’s inspired me.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of working with me in my 1-on-1 coaching program, feel free to contact me at Considering my high volume of e-mails, please make sure to put “QUERY” in the subject line so I don’t miss it and get back to you asap.

Never Minimal. Never Maximal. Always Optimal.


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