Syatt Fitness Client Success Stories – June 2013

by Jordan Syatt June 4, 2013


This is a pretty long list of client success stories so I’ll keep this intro brief and to the point:

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone! It’s been an honor getting to work with you and I’m so lucky to consider each of you my friend.

Second, for those interested in working with me, my client list is currently full. However, The Syatt Fitness 90-Day GET STRONG Challenge is underway and I’m accepting applications  until tomorrow (June 7th) at 12pm. If you want to work with me for half the standard price, get stoopid strong, and have the opportunity to win cash (among other prizes), sign up as soon as possible.

For complete details and instructions CLICK HERE

And that’s that. Again, congratulations to everyone featured below. You all worked extraordinarily hard to achieve your goals and I’m excited to continue working with you in the future.



Starting Weight: 125lbs

Current Weight: 125lbs

Goal: Strength Gain/Powerlifting Performance

Squat: 45lbs to 165lbs (+115lbs)

Bench Press: 55lbs to 95lbs (+40lbs)

Deadlift: 65lbs to 185lbs (+120lbs)

“Having Jordan as a coach for the University of Delaware’s Powerlifting Team has been nothing short of a sheer blessing. Before having met Jordan, I was extremely apprehensive at the thought of working out in a gym in front of people. He made me overcome that nonsense, within the first week of training with him might I add.

Being new to the team during the Fall semester of 2012, Jordan was sure to focus on my form and technique of particular movements as he progressed me slowly to where I am today. I was eager to move on to the “bigger” lifts that the rest of the team was conquering, but Jordan helped me to realize that my form had to be dead on before moving ahead.

Something that I truly admire about Jordan is that, as a coach, he not only expresses what he wants you to do during a training session, but he explains why he has you perform certain moves; he is a teacher. And the best part?… He makes training with the team unbelievably fun; usually the highlight of my day.

Thanks to Jordan’s knowledge and dedication to his team, as well as the work that I have put in, I have experienced gains that I otherwise would not have even known I was capable of.

I have added 115 pounds to my squat (my favorite ;)), progressing from a dumbbell squat at 45 pounds to a barbell back squat at 160 pounds. My deadlift improved by 120 pounds. I started out dumbbell deadlifting 65 pounds. I recently hit a deadlifting PR of 185 pounds using a barbell. The good ‘ole bench press, my enemy for the time being, has also improved. I have added 40 pounds to my bench, progressing from a floor press at 55 pounds to a barbell bench press at 95 pounds. I experienced these gains all while maintaining a bodyweight of about 125 pounds.

Jordan has been the most supportive person in my fitness endeavors and goals. I cannot express how utterly fortunate I am to have the privilege of training with Jordan Syatt.”


Hannah loevs to show off her good looks
she’s really sweet…i promise

Starting Weight: 145lbs

Current Weight: 145lbs

Goal: Strength Gain/Powerlifting Performance

Squat: 135lbs to 175lbs (+40lbs)

Bench Press: 120lbs to 135lbs (+15lbs)

Deadlift: 155lbs to 235lbs (+80lbs)

“I started training with Jordan when he gave me the opportunity to join the UD Powerlifting Team about 2 months ago. And in that short time I have spent training with Jordan my experience has been truly amazing. From the first day I started, there is an unspoken mantra while training with Jordan, which if put into words would go a little something like “Laugh hard, Train harder”. Jordan is very light spirited and has a fantastic sense of humor. Not one session felt like work, but I’d be lying if I said we weren’t working, hard…really hard. Jordan is also one of the most genuine people I’ve come to know, both as a friend and as a coach. He doesn’t want you to do well, he wants you to do your best, and to know that you did your best. Jordan has often hounded me via text or phone call reminding me how awesome of a workout I’ve had. In addition, Jordan is genuine in the sense that he pays attention to detail, off the top of his head he could call out my individual weaknesses in any given lift, Jordan is always watching and analyzing. Great friend, awesome coach, but …….am I seeing results? Hell. Yes. 

Here are my stats: IN JUST 2 MONTHS!!!

Squat: 135 x 3 to 175 x 3

Bench: 120lbs 1RM to 135lbs 1RM

Deadlift: 155lbs 1RM to 235lbs 1RM

For all the lady lifters: while training I have maintained a body weight of about 145-148 lbs while seeing my strength sky rocket. The muscle that I have gained has mostly gone to my bottom which I am more than pleased about! ;)”



Keep up with Chaz at

Starting Weight: 195lbs

Current Weight: 200lbs

Goal: Strength Gain/Powerlifting Performance

Squat: 335lbs to 405lbs (+70lbs)

Bench Press: 305lbs to 345lbs (+40lbs)

Deadlift: 385lbs to 470lbs (+85lbs)

“There really isn’t much I can say about Jordan Syatt aside from the fact that I’ve stopped listening to everyone else’s advice and traded it for his. Jordan is an unbelievable coach and an even better person. I started training with Jordan in September of 2012 and have since then seen incredible development in not only my lifting numbers, but my workout intelligence, and my physique. I hate Jordan every single time I leave the gym for putting my body through hell, but I love him for the results. Jordan takes a smart approach to each person he coaches and ensures that their weaknesses are fixed before they progress; in my opinion, every fitness professional should do this. Aside from adding a total of 195 total pounds to my lifts in only 7 months, I gained 5 pounds of bodyweight while losing about 2% body fat. Oh, and I didn’t do any cardio or diet. Another fun fact about Jordan’s training: get used to sumo deadlifting. I never did sumo style deadlifts before training with Jordan and my starting max was 185 pounds. I just recently pulled 405 pounds sumo while standing on 2” plates. Needless to say, Jordan knows what he’s doing and he does it very well.

I couldn’t ask for a better coach or friend. I talk to Jordan every day and learn something new each and every time. There are a lot of fitness “pros” out there; I look to Jordan first. If you want results, contact Jordan. If you want to do curls, contact someone else.”


Cody's most recent progress picture
Cody’s most recent progress picture

Goal: Strength Gain/Powerlifting Performance

Starting Weight: 180lbs

Current Weight: 187lbs

Squat: 275lbs to 330lbs (+55lbs)

Bench Press: 225lbs to 255lbs (+30lbs)

Deadlift: 315lbs to 450lbs (+135lbs)

“Hi, I’m Cody, and I’m on Delaware’s Powerlifting team that is headed by Jordan Syatt.  Training with Jordan has been one of the best experiences of my life.  Before I started training with Jordan my training was a joke.  I weighed around 167lbs and now weigh around 187lbs.  My squat max was about 275lbs, and that was not even close to parallel, now I max at 330lbs to parallel.  We work hard during training sessions, but we also have fun…a lot of fun.  I can’t think of a time when I didn’t laugh during a training session.  That’s one of my favorite things about training with Jordan, he knows when to be serious and when to joke around. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.  When I started on the team I was pretty nervous, I barely knew how to deadlift, and maxed at about 315 with terrible form, now I max at 450.  When I started the team I barely knew Jordan and thought he would be difficult to approach because of how much he had already achieved and how little I had.  But now he is one of my best friends.  When I first started on the team my bench max was maybe 215/225 with a bounce off my chest, now I max out at 240 with a pause.  I started training with Jordan a little over 6 months ago, and it has been the best decision of my life, and I’ve gained a lifelong friend.”



Starting Weight: 170lbs

Current Weight: 212lbs

Goal: Strength Gain/Powerlifting Performance

Squat: 135lbs to 345lbs (+210lbs)

Bench Press: 115lbs to 230lbs (+115lbs)

Deadlift: 225lbs to 450lbs (+225lbs)

“It’s truly difficult to find people in this world as helpful, knowledgeable and caring as Jordan. I met Jordan my sophomore year at the University of Delaware; the same year I began my powerlifting career. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend named Nick and he was such a pleasure to be around.  From the moment we met, I knew I was going to make a friend unlike any other; a friend who would change my life.

            Like most people in college, I didn’t know a single thing about weight training. Freshman year of college I went to the gym like every other guy and did the same routine every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – upper body. At 6’2” I weighed a measly 170lbs at my lightest (not joking). Getting bigger and stronger was always a thought in the back of my mind – it was something I wanted since high school – but I never knew how. So when I finally made contact with Jordan and Nick and they told me how they wanted to start the University of Delaware Powerlifting team, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. I had no clue what to expect at the first practice but I knew I wanted to be there because I knew that this club and this group of guys could help me obtain my goals. After the first week, I painfully discovered what my maxes were.

            Squat: 135
            Bench: 115
            Deadlift: 225

            Again, not joking. I had never done a free squat in my life to my recollection and it hurt, oh boy, did it hurt. Deadlift, I had never ever heard of before joining the team. The first few weeks were hell. Every day I would go home as sore as I did the day before. However, in a sort of sadistic way, I enjoyed the pain, the bruises, the soreness because I knew that I was getting better; I knew I was improving little by little everyday while at the same time I was building some incredible friendships. After a year of eating whatever I wanted and training the correct way, I was at a good place. I had made all my newbie gains and I was truly happy to finally be filled out a little. That first year was truly eye opening for me in showing me how to train the correct way. I was able to jump right into a high-intensity training environment without any slip-ups or misguided information and I am very grateful for having the opportunity.

            So here I am now, three years later, sitting at my computer typing up my testimonial and reminiscing on all of the laughs, smiles, hardships, struggles, highs, lows, and experiences I had during my time with Delaware Powerlifting and, above all, Jordan. I know without a doubt that I would not be where I am today in my training and in my life had he not been a part of it. My highest numbers ever are as follows and I hit all these PRs this past year at two different competitions.   

            Squat: 345lbs
            Bench Press: 235lbs
            Deadlift: 450lbs
            Body Weight (last competition): 212lbs

            I look at those numbers and I can’t help but think about how blessed I am to have a friend like Jordan. Jordan, you’re as close to me as any family member and I can’t tell you how big of an impact you have had on my life. You and the Delaware Powerlifting Team truly made my college experience special and I honestly don’t know where I would be without you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us because I know that you and I will remain friends and stay in close contact over the years. You have had so much success and I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. I cannot wait to see where the world takes you and you know I will be there supporting you along the way. Much love, my friend.”



Starting Weight: 170lbs

Current Weight: 190lbs

Goal: Strength Gain/Powerlifting Performance

Squat: 340lbs to 420lbs (+80lbs)

Bench Press: 235lbs to 305lbs (+70lbs)

Deadlift: 430lbs to 530lbs (+100lbs)

“Jordan Syatt is the worst human being on the planet for continually making me hate that I am attached to my own body following team training. No, in all honesty training with the team has been a huge outlet for me. Knowing that I have the guys at practice to train with and will get a quality session in every time is extremely comforting. I have full confidence in their ability to tell me when I do something right, and when I am being a lazy idiot. It has been awesome watching not only the team grow over the past two years, but also each person on the team. One PR among us in a session will motivate all of us together. Each of our successes we truly share, and each of our failures we learn from. I don’t just call these guys my training partners, they have really become some of my best friends. From sharing hot sauce to receiving my PL Team hoodie to competitions to having been able to give the next generation their own hoodies, I have enjoyed every second. I am going to miss these guys like crazy next year and will definitely be competing with them in the future. I can only say thank you for the laughs, training and nutrition tips, knowledge, great meals, and even a punch in the nose that this team has given me. The team has become friends for life, and I don’t regret any of it, except the weighted hip thrusts, I really regret those.”



“Throughout my time with Jordan I have gained more insight into athletic performance and nutrition than ever before. He has had profound effect on how I will approach training in the future for myself as well as future patients. Two things about Jordan that impressed me most are his commitment to constantly expanding his knowledge base along with his emphasis on realistic and attainable lifestyle changes. One of the best things about Jordan is his emphasis on incorporating cutting edge science into his training programs. His voracious appetite for knowledge allows for him to combine the best parts of different methodologies while discarding the negatives. Pair this with his emphasis on attainable goals and you have a recipe for success. Instead of prescribing me programs and nutrition that were impossible for me to meet, he had me train and eat in a way that was repeatable and maintainable. Through this approach I was able to increase my squat 150 lbs along with hitting me goal of benching 315 (and above) while also dropping body fat. If you want to succeed with your goals there are few better than Jordan.”


Goal: Fat Loss

Squat: 210lbs to 245lbs (+35lbs)

Bench Press: 130lbs to 155lbs (+25lbs)

Deadlift: 255lbs to 300lbs (+45lbs)

Starting Weight: 230lbs


Ending Weight: 200lbs


“Jordan Syatt is the man. Let me testify. Jordan wrote me a program that was designed to be easily accomplished without sacrificing efficiency. I was 230lbs and wanted to get strong, lose weight, and look good naked. Jordan’s program did exactly that and within 3 months I weighed 200lbs (me in the after picture). Not only that but I was freaking strong. My dead lift skyrocketed, my lats were pulling mad weight. I was shocked because I had done minimal work…or so it seemed. The program was a massive success but I honestly felt like I did nothing at all. Bottom line: Syattfitness works, Jordan is the man, I’ve lost weight, gotten stronger, and have Jordan’s programing to thank for it.” 


Goal: Fat Loss

Squat: N/A

Bench Press: N/A

Deadlift: 405lbs to 425lbs (+20lbs)

Starting Weight: 185lbs


Ending Weight: 170lbs

8 Weeks
8 Week Check Point



Check out more from Brandon over at his website

“Being an experienced trainer and licensed massage therapist, I know my way around the human body and what I should and should not do.  The difficult things at times is when you hit a plateau, sometimes you over-analyze and just get overwhelmed on how to break through.  This is where Jordan came in, I needed an unbiased set of eyes!  I was looking to get stronger and ready to hop back on the track again to begin racing again after 4 years away from competitive running, but coming in with a right labral tear in my shoulder made many things difficult.  Jordan went above and beyond to make sure that he structured my plan in order for me to get STRONG without risking the integrity of my shoulder.  Jordan’s approach was a well needed change and helped me put on some serious numbers on my squat and deadlift, increasing both by over 75lbs in 12 weeks!  I have always prided myself on my ability to provide an incredible experience for my clients during their training and have never seen any trainer that has been able to provide that type of experience via an online program.  Jordan goes above and beyond, he was always shooting me texts, answering emails, shooting me check-up emails to see how things are going if he hadn’t heard from me.  Depending on how things were going, was able to make on the fly changes in my program without making it feel like a completely different program (as some exercises were not as enjoyable on the shoulder as others).  It is very rare that I recommend another trainer and give the trainer that thumbs up when it comes to my clients, but Jordan is exactly that trainer!  I routinely send my clients some of Jordan’s videos when they need to see things from a different perspective.  Jordan is incredibly passionate about the fitness profession and will be a HUGE name in this industry in the next 5-8 years!  Incredible to see someone his age with so much drive and motivation to be the best at what he does!  If you are not training with Jordan right now, but thinking about it….STOP THINKING….Sign Up Now!!”

Brandon LaVack – Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist


Goal: General Health/Athletic Performance/Mass Gain

Squat: 170lbs to 210lbs (+40lbs)

Bench Press150lbs to 175lbs (+25lbs)

Chin-up: Bodyweight x 8 to +20lbs x 8

Starting Weight: 154lbs


Ending Weight: 159lbs (stronger, leaner, and more athletic)


“Before training with Jordan I would go from machine to machine to try to hit my muscles at every possible angle. I have always been very athletic but I wanted to feel and look better doing normal tasks on an everyday basis. I don’t play any college sports; I just want to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Jordan gave me advice on how I should change my diet and revamped my whole workout program. Jordan showed me what exercises I needed to perform to reach my goals. After tons of extremely hard work and dedication, I don’t just look great, but I feel great! Jordan’s programs gave me results. With Jordan’s guidance I’ve been able to see results that I before I only dreamed of. Jordan has set me on a path in life that will help my health in the long term.”


Goal: Get Fucking Huge (GFH)

Starting Weight: 208lbs

Ending Weight: 220lbs

“I recently finished a mass gain cycle with Jordan, when I started I was 208lbs and I’ll be honest I looked like crap. After my twelve week cycle I was 220lbs and looked like an absolute ANIMAL! After just 6 weeks I was already getting comments from all my friends saying how much bigger I looked! But it was the furthest thing from easy, as a matter of fact, at some points it was absolute hell but with the help and support from Jordan, I made it through and it paid off big time!

I first heard about Jordan while I was reading Powerlifting USA and I saw an article about him being an intern at Westside Barbell and I immediately looked him up. A few months later I did a powerlifting cycle with him training in the Westside style, unfortunately I ended up getting sick about three times during the cycle, once resulting in a trip to the ER, and I was riddled with injuries from a few years of crappy training. However, Jordan didn’t give up on me and instead asked me if I would be interested in doing another training cycle with him. I was honestly surprised, I assumed he just thought I wasn’t dedicated and I was a pussy. So when he asked me if I’d be interested in doing a different style of training for this next cycle and put powerlifting on the backburner for a bit, I was like, “Man, this guy is willing to give me another shot and he gave me a choice to train in anyway I wanted? This guy is awesome!” So I decided to do a mass gain cycle as I hadn’t done one for a few years and thought to myself, “Hell, getting big is why I got into lifting weights anyway, why not?”

Jordan set me up with not only a training program but a diet plan and a regularly scheduled telephone call every week. Jordan really cared about how I was doing in my training, and in my life. So I didn’t want to let him down, he sent me my program and I immediately got to work. I was making gains like no ones business. I trained my ass off every time I went to the gym, not only for myself but I wanted to prove to Jordan I had what it took to be one of his clients. As my training continued, Jordan and I became pretty good friends and our phone calls every week were turning into something I looked forward to every week. He was the first trainer I’ve ever had that actually gave a crap about everything in my life, and at first I was shocked. I had never had a trainer even ask me how I was doing, all my previous trainers would look for was if my numbers went up or if I was getting stronger. I assumed this was how all trainers were but Jordan proved me wrong.

By the end of my cycle I looked fantastic, I was HUGE! Jordan put me through hell but I took everything he threw at me and crushed it. I’ve never been so driven in my training than ever before. All the exercises that he told me that I’d hate him for only made me want more. I couldn’t tell you how many times Jordan has told me I’m crazy for loving some of the stuff he had me doing. But that’s just my mentality, I go into the gym for a war and I won’t accept defeat. Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won before it is ever fought.” This is how I view my training, and let me say Jordan put me through one hell of a war every week. I can’t thank Jordan enough for not only his training but also his friendship. I am truly honored to have been able to work with Jordan, and even more honored to be able to call him my friend.”


“Hello Jordan, thanks for your help!  Two springs ago (2011) when I was going to the University of Delaware, I happened to meet some of the guys from the UD Powerlifting Team and Jordan was one of them.  They stopped by one of the gyms where I was training and showed me proper Squat technique; I was only able to squat 275 pounds that night.  With their advice I really concentrated on improving my Squat and Jordan helped me with any and all of my questions.  I actually started to enjoy squatting when before I had always hated it! Over that summer, I followed Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 and had good success, gaining at least 70 pounds on my squat, and also improving my deadlift and bench press.  Unfortunately I was inconsistent in my lifting during the next fall semester and didn’t make any gains coming into the spring semester.  Since I was a senior and had a light class load, I really dedicated myself to lifting heavy and consistent during my last semester at UD (2012).  Here’s where Jordan’s help really came in.  I was talking to him about how I wanted to get more explosive on my lifts, especially my squat.  He recommended adding in some Dynamic Effort work and continued to help me with some of the programming details as the semester went on.  I wasn’t able to work out with Jordan and the other folks from the UD powerlifting team, but I really went hard on my own.  Having the Dynamic Effort days with dynamic free and box squats helped out a lot.  By the end of the semester I went from squatting 450 pounds for a 1RM to 550lbs at a bodyweight of 236lbs and actually broke the UD squat record! Thanks, Jordan, for all your help with programming, expanding my knowledge of powerlifting, and my various questions!”


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