Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (3/29/2015)

by Jordan Syatt March 29, 2015

G’morning and happy Sunday!

This past week was an extremely productive one in the fitness industry and I’m excited to share all of the great articles and info with you in this installment of The Week in Review!

Enjoy and have a great Sunday,


Articles By Jordan

  1. articlesThe Ab Wheel Rollout: 2 Advanced Variations You’ve Never Even Heard of
  2. Master the Deadlift with 4 Deadlift Video Tutorials and an Entire Manual…FREE

Client Spotlight: Britney

Britney and I have been working together in my online coaching program for nearly 6-months now and she’s absolutely killing it.

In this video compliation alone you’ll see Britney deadlifting 235lbs for reps, hip thrusting 300lbs, bench pressing 125lbs, doing weighted chin-ups, and also doing weighted push-ups.

A video posted by Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) on

You’re incredible, Britney!

You work incredibly hard every single day and I couldn’t possibly be more proud of you.

Keep up the great work!


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  10. Master the Deadlift with 4 Deadlift Video Tutorials and an Entire Manual…FREE via Syatt Fitness
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  12. Exercise Video of the Week: Split-Stance Anti-Rotation Medicine Ball Scoop Toss via Eric Cressey
  13. 5 Tips: How to Brace for a Bigger Squat via Adam Pine
  14. Pause Your Lifts for Better Performance via Tony Gentilcore
  15. Training for Fat Loss In Simple Terms: What You Must Know via JC Deen

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