Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (7/12/2015)

by Jordan Syatt July 12, 2015

Hey there and happy Sunday!

This installment of The Week in Review is coming out later than usual (and I apologize for that) but I promise it’s for good reason.

I’ve spent the past few days hiking (re: doing handstands) around Colorado and enjoying a phenomenal vacation weekend with my girlfriend. 

We’ve been all over the state, spent nearly 20-hours hiking, and had entirely too much fun.

The good news is, now I’m back and right here with a brand new installment of The Week in Review including the best fitness information and articles from the past week.

Enjoy and have a great Sunday!


Articles By Jordan

One of my most popular articles to date, in this piece I show you one of the all-time best exercises for improving shoulder health, strength, and function. I also dig a little further down the rabbit hole and explain the 3 most common mistakes and precisely how to avoid them.

If you know anyone with shoulder issues, please help them out and share this article with them.

1. Bullet Proof Shoulders: 3 Ways You’re Screwing Up Face Pulls

My Training Logs

My training logs are back and I’m posting them daily on Instagram! I’ve shared some brand new videos with you below but if you want more make sure to follow me on Instagram @SyattFitness

The Busy Professionals Fast and Effective Full Body Training Circuit (Repeat 4x)

  • DB Bench Press x 8
  • Walking Lunges x 8/leg
  • Single-Leg Body Saw x 8
  • Chin-Up x 8

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The Busy Professionals Fast and Effective Upper Body Training Circuit (Repeat 4x)

  • Incline DB Bench x 10
  • 1.5 Seated Bicep Curl x 10
  • Incline Tate Press x 10
  • Wide Grip Pull-Up x 10

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Kale Salad with Salmon, Goat Cheese, and Watermelon

I just had this salad earlier today and it was so tasty I had to share it with you. Goat cheese and watermelon is officially my new favorite combo.

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Anything Useful On YouTube?

I’m certainly no professional film editor but I just made this brand new short video for Syatt Fitness’s YouTube page showcasing what we’re all about and why we stand out in such a saturated industry.

Want to show your friends why Syatt Fitness is the place to be? Send ’em the link to this video.

Client Spotlight: Kelly

Simultaneously one of the most kind and caring ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, Kelly has been a member in my online training and nutrition program for the better part of the last year and never ceases to amaze me with her effort, dedication, and limitless hard work.

Not only has Kelly completely transformed her physique but she’s drastically improved her outlook, perspective, and relationship with food.

Want me to design your nutrition program? Fill the form out below and I’ll get back to you within 48-hours.

Recommended Reading

  1. Dried Fruit: Good or Bad? via Authority Nutrition
  2. Will Post-Workout Beer Affect Muscle Growth? via Kamal Patel
  3. Squat, Press and Deadlift Mobility with Jordan Syatt via Powerlifting University
  4. Bullet Proof Shoulders: 3 Ways You’re Screwing Up Face Pulls via Syatt Fitness
  5. This is What Flexible Dieting Actually Look Like via Sohee Lee
  6. 3 Ab Exercises for a Stronger Core via Adam Pine
  7. The Last Word on Lats via Tony Bonvechio
  8. I’d Love to Get Started…I’m Just Waiting On the Perfect Time via Precision Nutrition
  9. 10 Reasons to Get Lean via Bryan Krahn
  10. 10 Conversations to Have Before Signing Your Gym Lease via Pete Dupuis
  11. Improving Communication and Developing Awareness: From Student to Coach via Miguel Aragoncillo
  12. Come Back Gluten…All is Forgiven via Mike Samuels
  13. Training Clients Around Pain: A Guide for Personal Trainers via Will Levy
  14. The Hands-Free Hip Thrust via Ben Bruno, Bret Contreras
  15. 4 Ways I’m Evolving as a Coach via Mike Robertson
  16. Exercise Rest Periods: How Long to Rest Between Sets via Garrett Wood

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