Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (7/26/2015)

by Jordan Syatt July 26, 2015

G’morning and happy Sunday!

It’s a beautiful day here in Boston and I’ve gotta jet (I need to get some vitamin D!) but before I head out I’ve got a huge list of the best fitness info from the past week for you in this newest installment of The Week in Review.

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If you want to burn fat and keep it off…how often should you weigh yourself? Some coaches say you should never, ever, ever step on the scale because it’s not a true indicator of fat loss. Other coaches say you need to step on the scale every day if, for nothing else, the accountability factor. Who is right? In today’s “Article From the Archives” I reveal 10 things you need to know before you even consider stepping on the scale.

1. How Often Should You Weigh Youself? 10 Things You NEED to Know Before Stepping on the Scale

My Training Log

My training logs are back and I’m posting them daily on Instagram! I’ve shared some brand new videos with you below but if you want more make sure to follow me on Instagram @SyattFitness

Sumo Deadlift: 3 x 4 @ 445lbs

Over the past few months I’ve had to seriously abbreviate my training to accommodate for a busier schedule than usual. But even while spending less time in the gym, my strength is still at its peak and I’m feeling great. My point? Don’t let life get you down. You don’t have to worry about losing your #‎gainz‬ because you spend less time in the gym. To the contrary, you can spend less time in the gym and easily maintain your strength and muscle as long as you use the right program.

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Client Spotlight: Re becca

Rebecca has been my online coaching client for over 1-year and she is unquestionably one of strongest, smartest, and hardest working individuals with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working.

Best of all, Rebecca leads from the front. She is the prime example of a strong and beautiful woman who knows what she wants and works her tail off until she achieves it.

And while she deadlifts well over 300lbs, bench presses over 135lbs, and squats over 225lbs…I’m excited to show you this video of her from this past week in which she absolutely rocked eccentric emphasis chin-ups.

One of the most challenging chin-up variations I use in my entire exercise arsenal, Rebecca blew me away with her strength and control of the movement.

This is truly remarkable strength.

Keep up the great work, Rebecca, you inspire me every single day!

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