Syatt Fitness: The Week In Review (7/5/2013)



Happy 4th!!!

I hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed the festivities with friends, family, and loved ones.

My girlfriend and I had an amazing night on a Boston boat cruise with an absolutely incredible view of the fireworks.

lou and me

I’ll be honest, I’m a very lucky guy.

I hope you enjoy this installment of The Week In Review and, as always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can leave them below.

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Daily Strength Lesson’s

Monday’s Strength Lesson: If you want to lift heavy then you need to learn how to strain.

I recently wrote about straining during a max lift and how learning to strain is a skill in and of itself.

See, many lifters will try to move a heavy weight but if it doesn’t immediately fly up then they’ll quit.

To show you what determination to fight through and strain looks like, check out Ashley from the UD Powerlifting Team. She competed in her first PLing competition this past weekend and this is a video of her fighting for a new DL PR. When she started with us 6 months ago she was Deadlifting a 40lb Dumbbell…now she’s pulling 192lbs at a bodyweight of 125lbs.

Watch the video HERE!

Straining definitely isn’t fun but learning how to do it will drastically improve your strength potential.

Tuesday’s Strength Lesson: Can’t gain weight? I don’t care what you say…you are NOT eating enough!

Every day I’m confronted by at least 1 guy telling me he just can’t put on weight regardless of how much he eats. Without fail every guy will tell me “Jordan, you don’t understand…I’m eating A TON!” and they’re destined to be skinny forever.
If you prefer excuses and don’t want to put in any effort in…fine. Keep telling yourself that you’re destined to be skinny. If you actually want to gain weight, though, stop wasting so much energy by complaining and start shoving food down your gullet.

Plain and simple, if you aren’t gaining weight then you aren’t eating enough! I don’t care how much you think you’re eating…you probably aren’t eating that much and you need to eat more!

By the way….if this Strength Lesson resonated with you but you weren’t eating as you read it then you should be ashamed. Now turn off your computer and go eat 1/2lb beef, 2 sweet potatoes, and finish it off with a hefty PB&J.


Wednesday’s Strength Lesson: My new favorite Deadlift cue: “Pull your chest to the floor.”

Learning how to pull the slack out of the bar is one of the most difficult Deadlift concepts to understand. By pulling your chest to the floor, however, you’re forced to generate tension and pull the slack out prior to initiating the lift.

Next time you Deadlift try using the bar to pull your chest to the floor. Once you can’t pull any further, make sure you’re in a good starting position and drive off the floor as hard as humanly possible.

Thursday’s Strength Lesson: A flexible dieter is a happy dieter. Have fun today, enjoy the festivities, and EAT LOT’S OF GREAT FOOD!!!

I’m a huge advocate of flexible dieting (read more HERE). While I agree that a “healthy” diet should largely consist of whole/unprocessed foods, I also believe it’s beneficial to take a mental break every once in a while and *not worry about every single thing we put in our mouths!*

Celebrate our independence to the fullest, enjoy friends and family, and eat some tasty treats!

Happy July 4th

Friday’s Strength Lesson: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

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