Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (8/2/2015)

by Jordan Syatt August 2, 2015

G’morning and happy Sunday!

You know those days where you wake up after a long week, slowly gather yourself over a hot mug of coffee, let out a sigh of relief and all of a sudden feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

That’s how I feel today and, I gotta be honest, it’s amazing.

So now, after a stressful week, I’m wicked excited to be planning my next trip starting in mid September where I’ll travel to Israel, stay there for about 4-weeks, and then probably make my way over to Europe. I’ll still be writing articles, making videos, producing content, and working with my online coaching clients, but I figured there’s no time like the present so if I’m going to travel…it might as well be now!

Fair warning: I’m sending more and more content (stuff that’s not available on this website) to my free VIP members via e-mail so if you want to join the community for free you can sign up HERE.

I’m also stoked because this week I’m hosting 2 free Syatt Fitness VIP Only Powerlifting for Fat Loss live mini courses. All 250 seats are taken for the course at 7pm on Tuesday but the 1pm course has several spots left so if you want to register you can become a VIP for free HERE and I’ll send you an e-mail on Monday or Tuesday with the registration link.

As for now, I’ve got a brand new installment of The Week in Review for you with a bunch of the best fitness content from the past week.

Enjoy and talk soon!


Articles By Jordan

In today’s “Article From the Archives” I reveal 4 of the worst deadlift mistakes I constantly see (even in intermediate/advanced lifters) and will drastically improve your deadlift technique, strength, and safety.

4 of the Worst Deadlift Mistakes You Could Ever Make

My Training Log

My training logs are back and I’m posting them daily on Instagram! I’ve shared some brand new videos with you below but if you want more make sure to follow me on Instagram @SyattFitness

Pause Bulgarian Split Squat: 3 x 6/leg at 185lbs

Want a killer exercise to strengthen your glutes, quads, erectors, and your mind? Give these Pause Bulgarian Split Squats a shot. Here I’m doing 3 sets of 6 per leg with 185lbs and focusing on feeling the muscles do the work rather than relying on momentum and “ideal” leverages.

A video posted by Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) on

Client Spotlight: Mimi

Mimi has been my online coaching client for the past 6-months and she has never ceased to amaze me with her consistent hard work, dedication, and remarkable strength.

MimiWhen we first started working together Mimi told me she was going to be the hardest client I’ve ever coached.
She was wrong.
To date Mimi has put more effort into positively changing her life than I have ever seen in a single individual. Starting first with a nutrition-only program, Mimi spent countless hours dedicated to mastering her nutrition, learning and discovering what worked best for her.
She later began a consistent exercise routine and hasn’t missed a single day to date.
Congratulations, Mimi! You are smart, kind, generous, beautiful, and exceptionally hard working. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see your continued success!

Want to Apply for a Spot in My Online Coaching Program?>

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Anything Useful On YouTube?

I recently decided to put my ugly mug up on YouTube and create more free content for you but, this time, in video form.

I’ll be adding new videos weekly so to be notified when they’re published you can follow me on YouTube.

Weight Loss Motivation: How to Find Your Motivation for Diet and Exercise (And Keep It!)

Recommended Reading

  1. Squats vs. Hip Thrusts: EMG Activity via Bret Contreras
  2. Hey, Vogue Magazine, Thanks for Setting Women’s Fitness Back a Few Decades via Tony Gentilcore
  3. Fermented Foods, Neuroticism, and Social Anxiety via
  4. 10 Principles of Weight Loss via Greg Robins
  5. 5 Ways You’re Wasting Time in the Gym via Travis Pollen
  6. How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally via Authority Nutrition
  7. Nutrition Made Simple: The Most Important Things You Need to Know via Von Blanco
  8. How to Get Your Clients to Really Stick to Their Diets via Evidence Mag
  9. Stronger in 60-Seconds: Build a Bigger Bench via Adam Pine
  10. 5 Principles to Stay Fit on Vacation (for travelling) via Nia Shanks
  11. Lessons in ‘Chocolat’: Keeping Food a Pleasure for Better Fat Loss and Health via Joy Victoria
  12. 10 Deadbug Variations via Brandon LaVack
  13. Women and Lifting: The Truth Revealed via Ryan Wood
  14. Getting the Most Out of Your Lifting Belt via Rob Colameta
  15. Don’t Get Married to Percentages via Nick Smoot

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