Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (8/9/2015)

by Jordan Syatt August 9, 2015

G’morning and happy Sunday!

This past week was full of “first times” for me, including my first two Powerlifting for Fat Loss live online webinars that I presented for free to Syatt Fitness VIP Members. The response was actually so good that I’m already preparing several more live courses, so if you want to listen in for free next time make sure you become a Syatt Fitness VIP Member HERE.

I also went sky diving for my first time this past Thursday and that was, well, I took a short video so you could see for yourself.

Now it’s a gorgeous Sunday here in Boston and I’m on my way to train an early morning client. But first, I’ve got a ton of great new fitness articles and information for you in this installment of The Week in Review.

Enjoy and talk soon!


Articles By Jordan

In this weeks article, “Training to Muscle Failure: 5 Hacks for Serious Lifters” I walk you through what the current research has to say about training to failure (whether it’s actually helping or hurting you), and how you can apply these findings to help you get stronger, leaner, and perform better. 
Training to Muscle Failure: 5 Hacks for Serious Lifters <—-

My Training Log

My training logs are back and I’m posting them daily on Instagram! I’ve shared some brand new videos with you below but if you want more make sure to follow me on Instagram @SyattFitness

Sumo Deadlifts: 4 x 5 @ 405lbs Supersetted with Some #Groovin’

I’ve always said, “if you aren’t having fun during training then you aren’t doing it right.” So, naturally, this past Friday I found myself supersetting sumo deadlifts with some high quality dance moves.

A video posted by Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) on

Post-Workout Cardio (AKA Slam Dunk Contest)

After heavy squats and deadlifts, several other strength coaches and I decided to get some extra “cardio” in with a 30-min slam dunk contest. I like to think I won after hitting this 360-deg slam dunk. 

A video posted by Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) on

Client Spotlight: Lisa

Lisa has been my online coaching client for the past 2-years and, as you can see, she puts more time, effort, and dedication into her training and nutrition than most people could even begin to imagine. 

Now, over the past 2-years Lisa and I have developed a truly incredible friendship to the point where she and her husband, John, come to Boston (all the way from Canada) to visit me at least once every year.

So Lisa and John actually came last weekend and, without warning, Lisa ended up deadlifting an all-time personal record 300lbs! Here, take a look:

A video posted by Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) on

How amazing is that!?
At a body weight of 134lbs, Lisa deadlifted 300lbs and, candidly, she has more in the tank.
Congratulations, Lisa! Your hard work and dedication are second to none, and you continually inspire me (and thousands of others) every single day.

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  9. Science: Coffee Is the World’s Biggest Source of Anti-Oxidants via Authority Nutrition
  10. How to Prepare for a Social Event via Sohee Lee
  11. Girls Gone Strong Spotlight: Kimberly Mills via GGS
  12. Stronger in 60 Seconds: Optimize Your Deadlift Technique via Adam Pine
  13. Reaching vs. Shrugging via Mike Robertson
  14. Lose Fat by Building Muscle via Bryan Krahn
  15. 4 Benefits of Total Body Workouts via Eric Bach
  16. How to Train for Non-Stop Fat Loss via Dan John

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