Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (9/20/2015)

by Jordan Syatt September 20, 2015


I’ve got a ton of new training, nutrition, fat loss, and strength gain articles here for you in this installment of The Week in Review, so enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend.


Articles By Jordan

In this weeks article from the archives, “4 of the Worst Deadlift Mistakes You Could Ever Make” I’m excited to show you 4 of the worst, albeit most common, deadlift mistakes and exactly how you can avoid them to lift more weight while staying injury free.

My Training Logs

My training logs are back, I’m posting them daily on Instagram, and I’ve shared some brand new videos with you below. If you want to see everything I post (training videos, motivational pieces, and more) you can follow me on Instagram @SyattFitness

T-Bar Rows: 4 x 10

T-Bar Rows take upper back training to a whole new level. For the longest time I had trouble actually “feeling” my back work. Then, with the addition of T-Bar Rows (and inverted rows) I finally felt my back muscles working and subsequently growing and getting stronger. Pro-Tip: use 25lb plates or less (NOT 45lb plates) to allow for a larger range of motion.


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Band Resisted Dumbbell Bench Press: 5 x 10 One of my favorite bench variations, adding the band resistance increases the tension on the pecs and triceps which makes for an unholy muscle pump. To set up properly, all you needa do is take a standard jump stretch band, wrap it around your back, and loop each end around a hand. From there, do a normal DB Bench Press. Don’t forget: the band ads a lot of tension so start lighter than you normally would – these are deceivingly challenging.

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Single-Leg Hip Thrust 101

I recently made the infographic below to showcase the top 4 technique points of my one of my favorite exercises, the Single-Leg RDL. A staple in nearly all of my client training programs, I usually train the Single-Leg RDL as one of the first or second accessory exercises on lower body training days for 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps per leg. I recently wrote an in-depth article/video series on the Single-Leg RDL which you can read HERE.

Single-Leg RDL

To quickly re-cap the technique points:

1) Try to touch the wall behind you with your free leg. This will help improve your hip hinge rather than bending at the torso.

2) Drive through your heel – NOT your toes – for the best glute activation.

3) Let the arm holding the weight hang dead – completely straight. Do NOT try to reach out in front of you with that arm or you will bend your trunk instead of flexing at the hips.

4) Focus on a spot 10 feet in front of you the whole time. This will help improve your balance.

Client Success Story: Jerry

No filter. No photo shop. No gimmicks.

My client, Jerry, just sent me his most recent progress pics so I slammed his side-by-side comparisons together and this masterpiece is the result.

Jerry Side

Jerry is, for a lack of a better phrase, the man.


He’s a fire fighter. Father. Husband. Friend.

And such a hard worker it blows my mind.

One of the kindest and most genuine guys I know, Jerry is the epitome of the word “role model” and I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of him.

Congratulations, Jerry! Keep up the incredible work; I can’t wait to see what else you accomplish in the months to come.

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