Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (10/12/2014)

by Jordan Syatt October 11, 2014

This is probably the single best installment of The Week in Review in…well…ever.


Tons of incredible fitness articles, 4 insane client strength stories, and a host of information regrading my own training cycle…there’s entirely too much awesome in this post.



Articles By Jordan

  1. Exercise Video of the Week: The Sumo RDL
  2. 9 Little-Known Tips to Improve Your Squat Part 3 via Syatt Fitness
  3. 3 Tips to Make Your Clients Feel Like a Million Bucks: A Lesson in Self Efficacy

4 INSANE Female Strength Stories

This past week I had not one but two clients hit their first ever 2x bodyweight Deadlift.

I had another client hit their first ever 300lb Deadlift.

And I had another client bang out 3 fantastic chin-ups.

The best part?

They’re all women.

Strong. Beautiful. Women.

I love it.

Proving time & time again that women can be strong as all fuck without having to worry about getting big and bulky.

Below I’ve provided videos of all their amazing accomplishments:

Lisa: 255lbs (2x BW)

Emily: 265lbs (2x BW)

Shauna: 300lb Deadlift

Kimberly: 3 Perfect Chin-Ups

I’m Coming to PA!

On Sunday, November 2nd, I’m hosting a seminar in King of Prussia, PA, specifically for performance coaches.

Designed with the sole intention to teach coaches how to be better coaches (shocker, huh?) this seminar is unlike anything anyone has ever done before.

No ambiguous info.

No sales pitches.

No hidden agendas.

Plain and simple, after attending this seminar you will be a better coach and your clients will get better results.


Spots are limited so RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE

My Training Log

A week filled with both shitty and phenomenal training sessions, I discussed a variety of topics and provided you with a host information regarding my current training cycle in each log below.

Bench Press Workout (10/4)

Squat & Deadlift Workout (10/7)

Bench Press Workout (10/8)

Squat & Deadlift Workout (10/10)

Recommended Reading

  1. 5 Thoughts on Sprinting via Mike Robertson
  2. Does Leg and Hip Asymmetry Need to Be Corrected? Via Nick Ng
  3. My Concern with Kettlebell Enthusiast Fitness Professionals via Nick Tuminello
  4. I’m a Nutrition Coach But I Refuse to Tell You (Exactly) What to Eat via Jen Comas Keck
  5. 3 Cues for Better Sprinting via Mike Robertson
  6. 9 Little-Known Tips to Improve Your Squat Part 3 via Syatt Fitness
  7. The Deload is Dead via Charles Staley
  8. The Real Reason Tracy, Jillian, Oz, Oproah, Selter, Mercola Food Babe, etc are Winning the Information Game via Joy Victoria
  9. Squatting Semantics via Charlie Weingroff
  10. How to Program Loaded Carries via Tony Gentilcore
  11. Exercise Video of the Week: The Sumo RDL via Syatt Fitness
  12. Long, Lean Muscles: Oh, the Irony via Bret Contreras
  13. 5 Questions with Dr. Mike Israetel via Juggernaut
  14. Blood Sugar Management: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Glucose Testing via Precision Nutrition
  15. My Muscle Principles via Bryan Krahn
  16. 3 Tips to Make Your Clients Feel Like a Million Bucks: A Lesson in Self Efficacy via Syatt Fitness

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