Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (10/19/2014)

by Jordan Syatt October 19, 2014


I’ve got a ton of great fitness info and plenty of announcements in this weeks installment of The Week in Review so enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.


Articles By Jordan

The Dirty Truth Behind Emphasizing Good Fats in Your Diet

Coaches: Quit Telling Your Clients They’re Broken!

My friend, fellow coach, and Elite Powerlifter, Adam Pine, and I just started this brand new video series: The Angry Coaches.

This week we talk about postural assessments, motivation, and – most importantly – why coaches shouldn’t be telling their clients they’re broken.

About the Angry Coaches

2 Elite Powerlifters and highly sought after performance coaches tear the fitness industry apart from the inside out.

Angry coaches, Jordan & Adam, call ‘em as they ‘em in this no holds barred weekly video series.

Backed by years of research, practical coaching experience, and mastering the art of lifting heavy shit…Jordan and Adam destroy the most asinine fitness myths in a manner that can only be described as offensively spectacular.

My Training Log

Squat & Deadlift Workout (10/12)

Bench Press Workout (10/13)

Squat & Deadlift Workout (10/15)

Reserve Your Spot for My Coaches-Only Seminar in PA!

On Sunday, November 2nd, I’m hosting a seminar in King of Prussia, PA, specifically for performance coaches.

Designed with the sole intention to teach coaches how to be better coaches (shocker, huh?) this seminar is unlike anything anyone has ever done before.

No ambiguous info.

No sales pitches.

No hidden agendas.

Plain and simple, after attending this seminar you will be a better coach and your clients will get better results.


Spots are limited so RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE

You’re Invited to the AMP Fitness Grand Opening!

Save the date (Saturday, Nov 15th) and time (12-4pm) to visit Steve and I at our brand new facility, AMP Fitness!

We’re having a huge grand opening celebration and we’d love for you to stop by (plus there’ll be free food and drinks) so make sure you come in and say hello.

Recommended Reading

  1. Kipping Pull-Ups: The Truth via Christian Thibaudeau
  2. The Overhead Lunge Walk: My Favorite “Catch All” Assessment via Eric Cressey
  3. Complexity of Diabetes: More to Tiny Fluctuations in Blood Sugar than Meets the Eye via Science Daily
  4. The Dirty Truth Behind Emphasizing Good Fats in Your Diet via Syatt Fitness
  5. Widening the Aerobic Window via Mike Robertson
  6. Training the Diabetic Client via ThePTDC
  7. Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fats: How to Be Safer with Your Supplements via Precisino Nutrition
  8. 10 Awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media via
  9. My 5 Favorite Shoulder Health Exercises via Dean Somerset
  10. The Planet Fitness Nightmare via Sean Kelly
  11. How to Lose Weight: The Best Way to Lose Fat and Avoid Fad Diets via JC Deen
  12. (Never) Eat Alone via Nate Green
  13. An Open Letter to People Struggling to Exercise via Rog Law
  14. Should Athletes Be Eating Junk Food? via Mike Samuels
  15. How I Almost Drowned in Debt and What it Means to Your Fitness via Dean Somerset

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