Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (10/5/2014)

How Much Do You Squat - I Don't Train LegsMornin’! 

This week was packed with ton’s of great fitness info so take your time going through and enjoy this installment of The Week in Review.

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Nutrition Lesson’s Learned From the SF Group Coaching Program


This past week I asked the participants in my group coaching program to tell me one of the most important things they’ve learned thus far in the course.

Below I’ve shared some of their responses that I think you’ll find very insightful:

Arkady: “The scale is not the end all be all of weight loss. Used to drive me crazy if it didn’t go down every day and I would give up quickly on the diet. Now i can confidently say, “Fuck the scale” when it doesn’t go down and know that maintaining weight is just as good progress as losing it.”

Roanne“That I don’t have to be so freakin’ regimented and impose all kinds of restrictions (and misery) in order to lose fat. I have allowed myself a few beers, some pizza, and a number of other treats over the past 8 weeks, and have seen positive results, even beyond my expectations.”

Randi“That one day’s worth of hard work and discipline will put my body back on track and that one day’s worth of over eating will not make me obese.

Christa“I totally agree with Sindre and Roanne. I think that’s what’s best about this! Flexibility – something I can live with. I love the idea Jordan put out there that you’re only one meal away from being on track. Also, I have found that training and nutrition can be fun, totally positive and still super effective.”

Larry“Improving my list of healthy foods with adequate protein and low calories.”

Emy“definitely agree about flexibility and that I can eat carbs as long as they fit in my calories for the day. They won’t automatically make me gain weight as I thought before.

Sindre“That slipping up is ok and it’s all about the bigger picture.”

My Training Log


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