Syatt Fitness: The Week In Review (11/2/2013)

syattfitnesslogoGood morning!

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning and, as I sit here writing this while sipping on my usual mug cup of coffee, I’m starting to get amped for my Dynamic Effort Bench Press session in just a few hours.

To add to the excitement, I’m anxiously anticipating the imminent release of my new product The Elite Performance Squat Seminar!

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Without going into excruciating detail, this 2-hour seminar covers everything including:

  • Assessment & Correction
  • Technique Analysis
  • Progressions & Variations
  • Programming Considerations
  • And More!

I’m extraordinarily proud of this product and cannot wait to release it. I’ve already begun to get e-mails from people asking when the exact release date it is so – just to keep you in the loop – it’s a bit up in the air. Keep in mind, though, the first week available it will be on sale for a drastically lower price than normal so make sure to keep an eye out and grab it early.

With that said, I hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this installment of The Week In Review!

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Daily Strength Lesson’s

Monday’s Strength Lesson: What’s better, High Bar or Low Bar Squatting?

We all know that Powerlifter’s traditionally favor low bar squats whereas Olympic Lifters traditionally favor high bar squats.

Well…which is best?

In light of the upcoming release of my Elite Performance Squat Seminar, below I’ve provided a brief teaser from the 2-hour presentation discussing my views on High Bar vs. Low Bar Squatting.

Watch the video here ===> High Bar or Low Bar Squats for Optimal Performance? 


Tuesday’s Strength Lesson: Variation of movement is important…but not as important as variations in volume & intensity.

For a long while I firmly believed that variation in specific exercises was one of the most important concept in strength program design.

Over the years, however, I’ve come to realize that I was wrong and have since modified my beliefs. After endless research and practical application, I’ve found that variations in volume & intensity are far more important than changes in exercise variation.

Don’t get me wrong, using a variety of exercises can be extraordinarily useful and effective for improving numerous athletic qualities, but – when push comes to shove – appropriately varying volume & intensity needs to be the priority.

From a practical application standpoint, where does this leave us?


  1. Stop looking for countless exercise variations assuming that you’ll find one or two magical movements that will magically boost your strength. That won’t happen.
  2. Focus on the main movements while varying volume & intensity throughout each phase. Always maintain a strength base but don’t be scared to venture into lower weight/higher repetition phases as those can be extraordinarily beneficial as well.
  3. Stick to the basics. They worked yesterday, they work today, and they will work tomorrow. Always stick to the basics.


Wednesday’s Strength Lesson: Squats on an unstable surface (i.e. a bosu ball) are unsafe and – for lack of a better phrase – a waste of time. Squats on unstable feet are no different.

The solution?

Improve foot stability!

But how do we improve foot stability?

In my upcoming Elite Performance Squat Seminar I discuss foot stability in excruciating detail outlining what it is and exactly how to improve it.

If you want a primer on foot stability and how to use it to your advantage, check out this short snippet from my Elite Performance Squat Seminar
—– > Improve Foot Stability for a Stronger Squat


Thursday’s Strength Lesson: Want a simple cue that will instantly improve your Bench Press?

“Grip the bar as hard as humanly possible.”

or in other words…

“Melt the bar in your hands.” – ala Tony Gentilcore

or in other words…

“Grip the bar so hard that your knuckles turn white.”

or in other words…

“Try to squeeze it so hard that the bar oozes through your fingers like playdough.” – ala Dean Somerset

By gripping the bar as hard as humanly possible you actually increase rotator cuff recruitment which allows for better stabilization of the shoulder. Plus, a tighter grip means great total body tension which often leads to increased strength.

Want to increase your bench press?

Grip the bar as hard as you possibly can throughout the entire lift.


Friday’s Strength Lesson: Research shows that external cues are drastically more effective than internal cues for improving performance.

Internal cues refer to how the body moves in relation to itself. For example, when you’re squatting and the coach yells “Chest up!” or “Knee’s out!” these are examples of internal cues.

External cues, on the other hand, refer to how the body moves in relation to its environment. To illustrate, when you’re squatting and the coach yells “hit the wall with your chest!” or “drive the floor away from you!” these are examples of external cues.

In my Elite Performance Squat seminar I outline the differences between internal/external cues and provide a variety of both to give you all the necessary tools to improve your squat performance.

Want to see what I mean?

Check out the short video below which outlines internal & external squat cues for the feet and how to use them to instantly improve your squat.

Watch the video here —–> External Cues for Improved Squat Performance

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