Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (11/23/2014)

by Jordan Syatt November 22, 2014

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I’ve got a ton of great, new info for you in this installment of The Week in Review, but before we get started I’m excited to show off my friend and client, Emily, sporting her brand new SF Tank Top while killing it with some KB Windmills. 


I know. She’s wicked bad ass.

I’ve only got a handful left in the most recent batch so if you want to grab your women’s SF Tank Top you can grab yours here.

With that said, let’s get to the rest of this installment of The Week in Review!


Articles By Jordan

  1. How to Deadlift After a Back Injury
  2. How to Do Weighted Push-Ups Without a Spotter

This is How Coaches Are Making it IMPOSSIBLE For Their Clients to Lose Weight!

Dieting does NOT need to be complex.

Your clients do NOT need to know about hormonal responses, chemical reactions, etc.

It’s irrelevant and will do NOTHING to help them achieve their goals.

Stick to the basics. Teach your clients how to make better food choices, eat appropriate portion sizes, and create a healthy lifestyle for future success.

All of this can be accomplished with simple, basic, and actionable steps.

The fancy terminology and other jargon is useless. Save it for the text books and research reviews.

My Training Log

A week filled with both good and not-so-good training sessions, I discussed a variety of topics and provided you with a host information regarding my current training cycle in each log below.

Dynamic Effort Bench Press

Max Effort Squat & Deadlift

Max Effort Bench Press
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  7. 3 Isometric Exercises You Should be Doing via Mike Perry
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  10. Client Behavior Change is the Key to Personal Trainer Success via Mark Young
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  13. Nutrition, Weight Gain, and Weight Gain for Powerlifting via RTS
  14. Best Exercise in Ever: Ab Wheel Rollout via Dean Somerset
  15. 3 Tips for Faster Strength Gains via Bret Contreras

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