Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (11/30/2014)

by Jordan Syatt November 29, 2014

Good morning and happy holidays!

Thursday I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family here in Boston which means I’ve spent the past 48-hours eating as much left over pie as I possibly can.

So, yea, it’s been a pretty damn good weekend.

Equally as great, this past week the fitness industry was overflowing with tons of incredible training & nutrition info so I’ve got a bunch of good articles for you to read in this installment of The Week in Review.



Articles By Jordan

How to Use Your Lats for the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift

How to Use Lifting Straps: A Video Tutorial

Does Lifting Weights Make Women Bulky?

do you even liftYou must get this question on a daily basis, right?

I know I do.

What sucks is that so many people still don’t know the truth. They’ve been duped by the media and ill-practiced fitness marketers into thinking lifting weights will make women big and bulky.

We’ve gotta put this to an end.

It won’t happen with a single blog post but with time and effort we can change the status quo. We can get the word out and teach people the truth.

To start, I want to share with you 4 incredible stories from a handful of my female online coaching clients.

In the past 8-weeks each of these ladies have deadlifted 2x their bodyweight or more and not a single one is big or bulky. To the contrary, they’re all wicked lean and incredibly gorgeous.

Below I’ve provided each of their pictures as well as a couple videos. If you know anyone who is nervous about strength training because they think it will to turn them into a big and bulky bodybuilder please share this with them. It might just be exactly what they need to see.


kellieKellie deadlifted 303lbs at a bodyweight of 139lbs


RebeccaRebecca deadlifted 308lbs at a bodyweight of 143lbs


EmilyEmily deadlifted 265lbs at a bodyweight of 132.5lbs


LisaLisa deadlifted 255lbs at a bodyweight of 128lbs.

And here is a video of her more recently deadlifting 245lbs for 3 easy reps.

Know Any Women Who Thinks Lifting Weights Will Make Them Bulky?

Share this with them and show them the truth!

Recommended Reading

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  3. The Problem with Thanksgiving via Adam Bornstein
  4. My New Study on Fasted Cardio and Fat Loss: Take Home Points via Brad Schoenfeld
  5. Master the Bench Press: 4 New Tricks to Improve Leg Drive via Adam Pine
  6. How to Use Lifting Straps: A Video Tutorial via Syatt Fitness
  7. Would You Like Some Guilt with That Popcorn? Via Dr. Sharma
  8. What We’re Really Saying When We Discuss Breathing via Tony Gentilcore
  9. The Big Picture Approach to Muscle via Bryan Krahn
  10. 9 Best Deadlift Tips via Bret Contreras
  11. Granola and Parenting via GoKaleo
  12. Why Losing Weight is Hard via Adam Bornstein
  13. How Bad Do We Want Good News Regarding Childhood Obesity? This is Bad via Yoni Freedhoff
  14. Should You Drink Water After a Massage? Via PainScience
  15. Ab Wheel Rollout Tutorial via Dean Somerset

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