Syatt Fitness: The Week In Review (12/14/2013)

by Jordan Syatt December 14, 2013



Good morning!

I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and are getting excited for the rapidly approaching holiday festivities.

This week was insanely busy for a variety of reasons, not least of which being that it marked my last week of University…ever!

After a 9-hour drive yesterday, I’m now safely back in Boston and excited to begin working full time at Total Performance Sports. Before I start, though, I’ll be taking a 3-week trip across the United States via Amtrak. I booked 12 train rides (for only $670!) and will be visiting friends & family all across the country! I did all of this through Amtrak’s Rail Passes system so – if travelling across the U.S. is something you’re interested in doing – it might be worth looking into.

I’ll keep you updated with my whereabouts and travel antics via Syatt Fitness so if you have any specific questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, etc, please feel free to shoot them my way!

In the meantime, I’ve gotta run over to TPS for a heavy Bench Press session!

Have a great weekend!


Articles By Jordan

The Best Articles of 2013

If Physical Ailments Were Treated Like Obesity: Obesity is NOT a Choice! 


Daily Strength Lesson’s

Monday’s Strength Lesson: If you look at today’s 3 fitness-related posts you’ll notice they’re all related to obesity and fit/fat shaming. 

Sticking with the theme of those articles, in today’s Strength Lesson I want to make my stance on fit/fat shaming abundantly clear:

It is NEVER acceptable to make fun of an individual simply based on their physical appearance.


Too often (especially in the fitness industry) I hear people making fun of others for being too fat/skinny/frail/small/big/bulky/petite/etc.

While fit/fat shaming is often done under the guise of trying to inspire change, don’t let yourself be fooled by such non-sense.

Plain and simple, fit/fat shaming is the WORST way to go about inspiring change.

If you truly want to help people, you will stand up for them and support them through the good times as well as the tough.

If you hear someone fit/fat shaming, you won’t stand by and nod your head in agreement. You will call them out and tell them such behavior is ignorant and completely unacceptable.

I don’t care if they’re making fun of someone for being fat or skinny, buff or petite, lean or chubby…they’re all forms of fit/fat shaming and each one is just as despicable as the next.

Let’s end this trend right now. Let’s share this information for everyone to see. It’s time people realize that fit/fat shaming is disgusting and useless.

Let’s inspire a change the right way – through support, encouragement, and unconditional acceptance.


Tuesday’s Strength Lesson: Strength training isn’t all or nothing. You don’t have to be just a Powerlifter…or just an O-Lifter…or just a Kettlebell enthusiast…or just an anything for that matter.

You can (and should) incorporate everything!

Training would get pretty boring if all you could use was a barbell, or a kettlebell, or a cable machine, or your body weight, etc.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have a variety of training tools available to us. Why not take advantage of them all and have fun in the process?

Don’t limit you (or your clients) training by pigeonholing yourself into a single fitness camp. You can do a variety of things all while having fun, making progress, and achieving your ultimate goals.


Wednesday’s Strength Lesson: Today is my last day of school. Ever. It hasn’t been an easy journey – far from it – but I’m proud to say I stuck it out and did what I had to do to finish strong.

When I first began University I was coming off a year abroad spent living in Israel – travelling, volunteering, and having the absolute best time of my life. To transfer from that to living in a freshman dorm, attending classes that I hated, and being completely void of all that was familiar to me…well, needless to say, it was a difficult transition.

While it got better with each passing semester (re: I hated school less…but I still hated it), University was rarely something that I was excited to attend. Even through my senior year, it was almost always a struggle to push through.

I hated the course work, I only had 2 or 3 Professors whom I truly respected, and the fratty environment here at UD…let’s just say it didn’t suit me very well.

The reality is that I knew school wasn’t necessary to “succeed” – at least not by my definition of the word. I knew that I could have left school and built an extraordinary career, life, and family without spending thousands of dollars on higher education.

Why, then, did I continue with school? Why didn’t I drop out and continue to build my life elsewhere?

There are a number of reasons for this – and I plan to address each of them in a future article – but the main reason I want to stress here is that *I began school with the intention of graduating and I wasn’t willing to let anything stand in my way.*

Throughout my years in school, I – like everyone – had numerous barriers and road blocks thrown in my way; each one tempting me to call it quits and start my life elsewhere.

Hell, I even had countless high level fitness pro’s (many of whom will read this) telling me to “Quit school,” “Drop out,” “It’s a waste of time.”

While I agree that school isn’t necessary (and not even beneficial for some), I wasn’t going to quit. I had started with the intention of finishing and that’s exactly what I was going to do.

I guess my round-about point here is that making it through school has proven to me that you can achieve *anything* you want badly enough.

No matter how tough times get or how impossible things seem, you can push through and you can achieve your goals.

Don’t stop.


Keep fighting until there’s not an ounce of fight left…and then fight some more.


Thursday’s Strength Lesson: Sitting up straight is NOT enough to improve your posture.

If you really want to improve your posture you need to do two things:

1) Achieve adequate mobility


2) Build sufficient strength

How can we do this?


Step 1: Achieve adequate mobility through using these drills:

Bench T-Spine Extension

Bent Over T-Spine Extension/Rotation

Seated Scapular Wall Slides

Step 2: Build sufficient strength through using these drills:

Dumbbell Rows


Face Pulls
Regularly incorporate these drills into your training programs and watch your posture improve dramatically.


Friday’s Strength Lesson:Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

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