Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (12/21/2014)

by Jordan Syatt December 20, 2014

G’morning and happy holidays!

In addition to Syatt Fitness hitting several big milestones this past week, Channukah started on Tuesday which made a great week even greater.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, something else, or nothing at all…have a happy holiday season and enjoy every moment.

And, of course, enjoy this installment of The Week in Review which is packed with the best fitness info from the past week.


Articles By Jordan

Have You Earned the Right to Be Frustrated (with your lack of progress)?

My New Favorite Deadift Variation: The Paused Deficit Deadlift

How to Squat Like a World Class Powerlifter via Syatt Fitness & Armi Legge

Watch My Strength Lesson’s on Instagram

My strength lessons are back and I’m posting them daily on Instagram! I’ve shared a couple new ones with you below but if you want more of my strength lessons, video tutorials, and training logs make sure to follow me on Instagram @SyattFitness

Strength Lesson

Supplements won’t do ANYTHING if your training, nutrition, and sleep aren’t already on point. Don’t spend your money on supps until you’re training right, eating well, and sleeping sufficiently on a consistent basis.

Strength Lesson

Having trouble driving through your heels during the squat? Try slightly raising your big toes up to maintain a better position for a safer, stronger, more efficient squat.

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