Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (2/1/2015)

by Jordan Syatt February 1, 2015

G’morning and happy Sunday!

There was a ton of excitement in my neck of the woods this past week with me finally achieving my long-time goal of a 4x bodyweight deadlift, starting my brand new training regimen, and enjoying several relaxing snow days courtesy of Juno.

This week was also packed with tons of incredible fitness information and I’ve got it all here for you in this installment of The Week in Review.

Enjoy and have a great Sunday,


Articles By Jordan

Bullet Proof Shoulders: 3 Ways You’re Screwing Up Face Pulls

Powerlifting Meet Recap: My 4x Bodyweight Deadlift and What’s Next for Syatt Fitness 

My Strength Lesson’s & Training Logs

My strength lessons and training logs are back and I’m posting them daily on Instagram! I’ve shared some brand videos with you below but if you want more make sure to follow me on Instagram @SyattFitness
Strength Lesson

We like what we’re good at and hate what we suck at. That’s normal. But if you really want to get better you need to find and target your weakest link.


Standing Ab Wheel Rollout
Standing ab wheel rollout for core stability. Also increases #Gainz by 207%

Weighted Chin-Up (+100lbs)
100lb weighted chin-up (x2) because gravity’s overrated

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