Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (2/15/2015)

Thats a Squat - Did he even moveG’morning and happy valentines day weekend!

The snow is insane here in Boston again (seriously, this weather is absolutely nuts) but Garrett and I braved the storm and made it out last night for an incredible 6-course valentines day tasting menu at Pier 6 just outside the city.

Now we’re about to head into AMP Fitness to get an early morning training session before the weather gets even worse. 

Fortunately, this past week was packed with tons of great fitness info which I’ve got here for you in this installment of The Week in Review.

Enjoy and have a great long weekend,


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How I Learned to Do a Backflip in Less Than 20-Minutes (and you can too)

Client Spotlight

Rich1-year ago this week I sat down with Rich Malloy during our first nutrition consultation. He weighed 265lbs.

Today he weighed in at 183lbs.

Congratulations, Rich. You’ve worked harder than most people could even comprehend and have inspired me and countless others along the way.

Thank you, Rich, and keep up the incredible work!


A Brief Thought on Achieving Your Goals…

Have you ever heard the quote “Good things come to those who wait?”

There are many ways to interpret this phrase and I don’t think it’s inherently bad or wrong, but as an entrepreneur I have a bit of a different perspective.

I shared my thoughts on Facebook…

Moral of the story?
Never wait for the “right” moment because it’s never just going to show up. You need to make it the right moment by doing everything in your power to achieve it.

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