Syatt Fitness: The Week In Review (2/8/2014)

One Does Not Simply Walk After Leg Day

Yesterday was leg day and, I’ll be honest…I’m waddling like a penguin

When I first woke up the soreness wasn’t noticeable; in fact, I actually I felt pretty good.

Unfortunately, once my feet hit the floor and I was forced to support my own body weight, my legs decided they were going to punish me for supersetting high repetition Snatch-Grip RDL’s and Front Squats. 

Great choice, Jordan….

After coaching this morning I’m scheduled to meet up with Stacey Schaedler for a yoga session. I think it’s safe to say there will be tears – many, many tears – shed throughout the day.

Better yet, Stacey and I are going to record bits and pieces of the session so, odds are, you’re eventually going to see me on camera…in extreme pain…doing yoga…possibly crying.


Until that embarrassing moment arrives, I’ve got tons of great information for you in this installment of The Week in Review so kick back, grab a protein shake (or a steak), and have a spectacular weekend.


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Daily Strength Lesson’s

Monday’s Strength Lesson: Having trouble with a certain lift? Try this for immediate results:

1) Drop the intensity/volume of other main lifts

2) Increase the intensity/volume of the struggling lift

3) Keep frequency exactly the same for everything

This isn’t a permanent fix – rather, it’s relatively short term (<12 weeks) – but it’s often enough to boost the struggling lift to the point where it drastically improves while maintaining strength in the other main lifts.


Tuesday’s Strength Lesson: Looking for a great new drill targeting the triceps?

Take a gander at the Rolling Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Unquestionably one of my favorite tricep-specific movements, The Rolling Dumbbell Tricep Extension targets the medial head which I’ve noticed has significant carryover to the Bench Press.

Better yet, this the main move I started using when Louie told me I had “cute elbows.”

Give it a shot; you won’t be disappointed.


Wednesday’s Strength Lesson: Limited with equipment and need an effective upper body strength routine with just a barbell?

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Give this program a shot and let me know how you fare. Fair warning, it’s not for the faint of heart.

 1a) Bench Press: 4 x 4

1b) [Weighted] Chin-Up: 4 x 4

2a) Standing Military Press: 3 x 6

2b) Bent Over Barbell Row with 2-sec Pause on Chest: 3 x 6

3a) Hindu Push-Up: 3 x *

3b) Inverted Row (supinated grip, shoulder-width apart): 3 x 12

3c) RKC Plank: 3 x 15sec

*= stop 2-3 reps before muscular failure


Thursday’s Strength Lesson: Just because a certain movement doesn’t carryover to one of your goals doesn’t mean it’s a worthless exercise.

To illustrate, dumbbell bench press and row variations have absolutely zero carryover to my barbell bench press. I could drastically improve these dbell exercises day-in and day-out, for years on end, without the slightest increase in my standard bench press.

Oddly enough, I still include these exercises within my programs on a monthly basis.


They have countless benefits that go far beyond what they do (or don’t do) for my bench press.

Not only do they help my shoulders feel like a million bucks, they’re honestly just fun exercises with countless variations to choose from.

Every single component of your training doesn’t need to be *perfectly* geared towards improving your total. In fact, sometimes taking a break and just having fun with training is the best way to get back on track and start hitting PR’s


Friday’s Strength Lesson:The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

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