Syatt Fitness: The Week In Review (3/30/2014)

by Jordan Syatt March 29, 2014


Big news.

As you may or may not know, I’m in the running to become Men’s Health Next Top Trainer!

Sitting at roughly 500 votes, I need your help to win this competition.

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In other news, I hope you’re ready for a hefty load of fitness information because this installment of The Week In Review is packed with some truly fantastic reads.

Enjoy and have a spectacular weekend!


Articles By Jordan

The Truth Behind Emphasizing “Good” Fats In Your Diet

Body Transformation Scams Exposed: The Fitness Industry is Fooling You!


Daily Strength Lesson’s

Monday’s Strength Lesson: Is your lack of mobility inhibiting your squat performance? Try going joint-by-joint to assess your movement and correct any issues.

1) Start with the ankles and try some Wall Ankle Mobilizations

2a) Next, move up to the hip and give this Hip Flexor (& lat) stretch a shot:

2b) Mobility not the issue (it often isn’t!)? Give this plank variation a try to improve *stability!*

3) Can’t get enough movement in the upper back? Give my favorite T-Spine Extension drill a shot

4) Shoulders need some mobility work? Here’s a great lat stretch to help out

More info and video’s to improve your mobility for a stronger squat? Read THIS ARTICLE.


Tuesday’s Strength Lesson: The Single-Leg RDL (SL RDL) is a fantastic drill that can be extremely difficult to learn. Use the simple cue below to drastically reduce the learning curve and immediately improve overall performance of the movement.

When learning the SL RDL, it’s common for trainee’s to bend over with their torso rather than hinging at their hips.

While this may not appear to make a difference, it’s a very important distinction in movement pattern, muscle recruitment, as well as safety of the drill. 

To limit the chances of bending forward and encourage more of a hip-dominant pattern, try using this cue:

“Send your back leg towards the wall behind you.”


“Try to touch the wall behind you with your back foot.”

In doing so, the trainee will reach with the back leg (ideally while maintaining a neutral spine) which facilitates the hip-hinge pattern rather than bending over at the torso.

Give it a shot (on yourself or your clients) and let me know how it works.


Wednesday’s Strength Lesson: Get your sweat bands and short-shorts ready cause it’s Sample Workout Wednesday!

Today’s workout is for those among us who are need of a de-load but would like something new, fresh, and fun. This week is a de-load week for me so you can join me and give this full-body session a shot.

1) Turkish Get-Up: 3-2-1 (3 right/3 left, 2 right/2 left, 1 right/1 left)

2) KB Clean & Jerk to Windmill: 3 x 5/side

3a) Double Kettlebell Front Loaded Low-Box Step-Up: 3 x 8/leg
3b) Tall Kneeling Alternating KB OH Press: 3 x 8/arm
3c) Tall Kneeling Anti-Extension Paloff Press: 3 x 10


Thursday’s Strength Lesson: There isn’t just one “correct” technique for any lift.

– Some people have a short torso and long arms (like me).

– Some people have short femurs and a long torso.

– Some people have chronic extension-based back pain

– Some people don’t care about lifting as much weight as possible…they lift to feel and move better!

The list of differences among people goes on and on and on and on and on and on…

…and on

…and on

you get the picture.

No two people are the same and, among other things, technique must be altered based on the individuals needs, goals, and preferences.

If something isn’t working…quit trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and change it until you find something that works.


Friday’s Strength Lesson: “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

Recommended Reading

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  3. Core Training Made Incredibly Complex via Dean Somerset
  4. 6 Questions to Ask Before Writing a S&C Program via Greg Robins
  5. Is There a Post-Exercise “Anabolic Window?” via Alan Aragon and Brad Schoenfeld
  6. Saturated Fat: Good or Bad? via Eirik Garnas
  7. The Best Damn Bench Press Article via Bret Contreras
  8. How Much Weight Should I Use? via Tony Gentilcore
  9. Body Transformation Scams Exposed: The Fitness Industry is Fooling You! via Syatt Fitness
  10. How Range of Motion Affects Gains in Strength & Hypertrophy via Chris Beardsley
  11. Core Stability Training for the Advanced Lifter  via Bret Contreras
  12. PLEASE Stop Being Afraid of the Word “Diet” via John Romaniello
  13. How Clean Eating Made Me Fat But Ice Cream and Subway Got Me Lean via Mike Samuels
  14. When It’s O.K. to Leave Your Start-Up Dream Job via David Thomas Tao
  15. The Truth Behind Emphasizing “Good” Fats In Your Diet via Syatt Fitness

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