Syatt Fitness: The Week in Review (8/3/2014)

do not give upMornin’!

I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend, getting some well deserved down time, and partaking in a host of summer-fun shenanigans.

I’ve got a ton of great info for you in this installment of The Week in Review but before we get to the goods I have one important announcement to share with you.

As you may have seen earlier this week, I officially announced that my brand new Syatt Fitness Group Nutrition Coaching Program is now open and accepting applications.

For an overview of the program and what it has to offer, I filmed this brief video:

Operating on a first-come first-serve basis, this program has a limited number of spots and is filling up much faster than expected.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program CLICK HEREand if you already know you want to apply just shoot me an e-mail to jordanATsyattfitnessDOTcom with group nutrition coaching in the subject line.

Moving on, I recently posted a video of myself on Facebook doing Deficit Speed Deadlifts and it got an overwhelmingly positive response.

If you want to see what Speed Deadlifts are supposed to look like, here’s a video of me doing 2″ Deficit Deadlifts with 315lbs.

O.K., enough of the videos and jibber jabber, let’s get to the good stuff.

I hope you enjoy this installment of The Week in Review and have a fantastic rest of  the weekend!

Never Minimal. Never Maximal. Always Optimal.


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Exercise Video of the Week: Plank with Weight Transfer

It’s Official: The Syatt Fitness Group Nutrition Coaching Program is NOW Open for Registration

Daily Strength Lesson’s

Monday’s Strength Lesson: Strength builds endurance.

The other day I was at Titan Barbell and decided to try to beat the current max chin-up record sitting at 29.

I banged out 30 and definitely had some left in the tank.

What’s interesting, though, is I haven’t done a single set of a chin-ups above 12 repetitions in 2 years or more.

That being the case…how the hell did I bang out 30 chins on a whim?

Remember: Strength builds endurance.

Over the past few years I’ve been doing weighted chin-ups ranging from anywhere between 3 – 12 reps per set.

My thinking goes like this: if I can strap 60+lbs around my waist and bang out 10 chin-ups…when I take that extra weight off and only need to use my body weight it’s going to be a cake walk. All of a sudden, each chin-up is exponentially easier which allows me to do more repetitions than I would have otherwise.

See what I’m getting at?

To a point, increased maximal strength will build and improve your endurance.


Tuesday’s Strength Lesson: Deadlift more weight by gripping the bar closer to the base of your fingers.

Often times lifters make the mistake of gripping the bar deep in their palm as they think this will help them get a stronger hold.

Don’t do this.

The deeper in your palm you grip the bar the *harder* it is to hold the bar as it forces the wrists into flexion, not to mention it actually increases the lifts range of motion rendering it more difficult.

So where should you grip the bar?

Personally, I like to place the bar directly at the point where the base of my fingers meet my palm.There’s some variance here in either direction but, by and large, I’ve found this to be the strongest and most efficient spot to grip the bar while Deadlifting.


Wednesday’s Strength Lesson: Time to pony up and get your short-shorts & headbands on because today is Sample Workout Wednesday!

– Want to get in and out of the gym in under 40-min?

– Want a great workout with minimal equipment?

Give this training session a shot.

Specifically designed for the general fitness enthusiast looking for a fantastic workout in the least amount of time…this session will help to improve overall health, function, and performance.

1a) Dumbbell Step-Up: 3 x 6/leg
1b) T-Push-Up: 3 x 5/side
1c) Deadbug: 3 x 10

2a) Single-Leg RDL: 3 x 8/leg
2b) Dumbbell Row: 3 x 8/arm
2c) Pallof Press: 3 x 8/side

Note: Perform exercises 1a-1c in sequential order. Perform 1 set of each exercise, rest for 1-2min, and then repeat for 3 total sets. Once you’ve completed all 3 sets you can then repeat the process with exercises labeled 2a-2c.


Thursday’s Strength Lesson: Looking for some new and challenging ab exercises to shake things up a bit?

Give these two a shot:

The Body Saw

Tall Kneeling Pallof Overhead Press

Focused on improving overall core stability and performance, these drills are significantly harder than they look and will be a great addition to nearly any strength training program.

Will they give you dat 6-pack, doe?

Course not.

Abs are made in the kitchen (duh).

But they *will* make you better looking.




Friday’s Strength Lesson:You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

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