Syatt Fitness: The Week In Review (9/13/2013)

by Jordan Syatt September 13, 2013

Good morning and happy Friday!

Before we dive into the articles and strength lessons from the past week, I have one brief announcement:

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Otherwise, enjoy this installment of The Week In Review and have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Never Minimal. Never Maximal. Always Optimal.


Articles By Jordan

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Seated Scapular Wall Slides For Shoulder Health and Performance

We’ve Got A Winner! The 12-Week Syatt Fitness GET STRONG Challenge


Daily Strength Lesson’s

Monday’s Strength Lesson: The most effective training programs tend to be the most basic!

When most people look at my training programs (on paper) they’re shocked at how simple they seem. They tell me that they usually imagine a long, drawn-out program filled with super-secret exercises and set/rep schemes that produce magical gains.

To illustrate, my current Max Effort Lower Body training session looks like this:

1) Back Squat: 4 x 2

2) Sumo Deadlift: 3 x 3

3a) Front Loaded Barbell Reverse Lunge: 3 x 10/leg
3b) Weighted Hip Extension: 3 x 10 with 2sec pause at top

That’s it.

Nothing special.

Keep in mind, though, while on paper this looks easy…performed correctly this will absolutely destroy you.

Too many trainees think of the word basic and think they’re too good for it.


You aren’t too good for basic.

Truth be told…getting more basic would probably be the best thing you could do for your strength, physique, and overall health.


Tuesday’s Strength Lesson: Have trouble maintaining balance during lunges? Try this simple trick:

When performing lunges, prior to taking a step forward/backward, flex your abs *hard* …almost as if someone were about to punch you in the stomach.

Continue to squeeze your abs throughout the entire movement and – specifically – during the “landing” portion of the exercise. Most often people lose their balance when their leg comes back in contact with the ground and aren’t able to regain control. By squeezing your abs, though, you’ll increase total body tension and improve overall balance.

Done properly this simple trick (squeezing your abs as hard as possible…seems silly, right?) during the movement should improve your balance and make maintaining an upright posture significantly easier to accomplish.


Wednesday’s Strength Lesson: There’s nothing wrong with lifting in a calm state of mind. In fact, I’d argue that, generally speaking, lifting calm (or “zen” as some say) is BETTER for overall performance than getting hyped up before every single attempt.

What many trainees don’t realize is that psyching yourself up, snorting ammonia, screaming, slapping yourself, etc is extraordinarily taxing on the body…not to mention innocent onlookers may call the police for fear of their own safety.

My point is this: lifting is stressful enough. Better yet, life is stressful enough. Why go out of our way to stress our bodies more than necessary?

During training try to lift in a “zen” or calm state. Take big, deep belly breaths, feel every movement, and – most importantly – enjoy the process of training!

You can read more about training zen in my article 6 Little-Known Tips to Improve Your Bench Press.


Thursday’s Strength Lesson: Shoulder’s hurt when you Bench Press? Below are 3 strategies to maintain your Bench Press strength while recovering from an injury:

1) Bench with a reduced range of motion (ROM): All variations of Board Presses and Floor Presses are valid as they’ll [ideally] keep you within a pain-free ROM.

2) Bench with a neutral grip: Whether you use a neutral-grip bar, dumbbells, or another implement is irrelevant. Just make sure your palms are facing each other throughout the entire ROM as that slight external rotation may make it easier on the shoulder.

3) Build a monstrous backside: Use this time to focus on training your upper back. Most trainee’s have a relatively weak upper back and don’t understand how that negatively carry’s over to Bench performance. Build a strong upper back and the bar will forever fly off of your chest.


Friday’s Strength Lesson: “Those with high assurance in their capabilities approach difficult tasks as challenges to be mastered rather than as threats to be avoided.”


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