How to Succeed as a Powerlifter: An Interview with Jordan Syatt

My World Record 3.7x bodyweight Deadlift. 485lbs at a BW of 132lbs.

485lbs at a BW of 132lbs

I was recently interviewed by my friend and colleague, Andrew Kirby, over at Strength Intellect and we spoke about all things Powerlifting.

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Topics discussed include

  • How I Prepare for Competition
  • Major Differences between Beginner vs. Intermediate/Advanced Program Design
  • The Most Commonly Overlooked Mistakes Made in the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift
  • My Experience Interning Under Louie Simmons
  • The Importance of Dropping Your Ego to Achieve Your Ultimate Strength Potential
  • My #1 Secret to Increasing Productivity
  • And much more!

Andrew hosted a fantastic interview and gave me the opportunity to answer some truly insightful questions. If getting as strong as humanly possible is on your to-do list you definitely don’t want to miss this discussion so for complete access click the link below.

How to Succeed as a Powerlifter: An Interview with Jordan Syatt


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