SS Bar Rounded Back Goodmorning with Belly to Knees

Among the many changes that will be taking place over the coming year, I recently decided that I want to incorporate a ‘Video of the Week’ segment into the site.

These videos will cover a variety of topics and could include anything from

  1. Exercise Technique/Instruction
  2. Nutritional Strategies and Recipes
  3. Silent Films Starring Yours Truly – Moi!

Think I’m kidding? Just wait.

Anywho, last week I posted and started a discussion onĀ Facebook (friend me right meow!) about one of my favorite Squat and Deadlift accessory exercises: The SS Bar Rounded Back Good Morning with Belly to Knees.

After a brief discussion a friend asked me to describe the movement in more detail; as such, I figured it would be a good idea and great segue into my 1st Video of the Week.

Below I’ve provided a video with a brief explanation and demonstration of how to perform the movement. Beneath the video I’ve written out some more important information so be sure to give that a read as well.



Benefits of the SS Bar Rounded Back Goodmorning with Belly to Knees

  1. The wide stance closely resembles that of a Sumo DL and/or Wide-Stance Squat. As a result, it may have a strong carryover to either of those movements.
  2. Builds the entire posterior chain and notably the mid-to-upper back.
  3. The “belly-to-knees” component is a good reminder to fill your belly with air which will help save the spine and improve intra-abdominal pressure.
  4. Great for individuals who tend to get folded over or rounded out by the bar during Squats and/or DL’s.


Form and Technique Points

  1. Take an ultra-wide or Sumo stance which replicates your Squat and/or Deadlift position
  2. Fill your belly with air, sit backwards towards the wall behind you and control the bar as you lower it down. (Notice the position of my knees in relation to my shins during the movement; they are past perpendicular.)
  3. Round your mid-to-upper back over at the bottom of the movement and then spread the floor apart with your feet by driving outward, shoot your hips forward, and fight out of upper-back flexion.
  4. Finish the movement by squeezing your glutes (not extending your lower back!) and then proceed into another repetition.


I hope you enjoyed the video! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions leave them below.

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